Taking out our art supplies

Why should you go Murfie?

Every successful startup has a great answer to the big WHY question.  Why is your company launching?  Why is your product or service cool?  Why is it desirable or useful or better than the rest in your market?

Murfie has a pretty solid but simple answer to this.  Fact is, murfie.com is awesome.  That’s what our website header says, and that’s how our team feels about our new way to buy, sell, and trade music.  Now that may seem slightly presumptuous of us to claim (although give us some credit – a disclaimer is included admitting lack of scientific proof), but allow me to elaborate.  If I may, I’d like to present some evidence to back up our assertion of awesomeness.   A rigorous scientific study is still pending, but sometimes a framework that is a bit more, shall we say, elementary gets the point across more effectively and proves your point quicker too.

I’m going to go a little old-school here.  Remember when in grade school your teacher assigned you the feel-good project of spelling out your name vertically with complimentary or self-congratulatory (depending on how modest you felt that day) descriptors for each letter?  If you missed out on the (intended to be) exploratory and enlightening exercise, no problem!  I took the liberty of devising one for Murfie, in order to corroborate our claim of awesomeness.  So without further ado, here is our version.

MORE.  Murfie is a more convenient and accessible way to buy, sell, and trade more music, which makes finding or sharing used music more fun.
SERS.  Murfie is user friendly, and we do our best to make our buying, selling, and trading service easy to use for everyone.
ESPECTFUL.  Murfie respects the rights of artists and creators, and we respect your property too.  Give Murfie a try, but if you don’t love selling or trading on Murfie, we’ll ship your discs back to you at no cost.
FRIENDLY.  Murfie is a team of friendly people working to make your experience user-friendly and our business environmentally friendly.  Murfie limits waste by recycling plastic CD packaging: free up space in your home and prevent improper recycling of sleeves and jewel cases by letting Murfie turn your CDs into digital music!
NDIVIDUAL.  Murfie is what YOU make it.  Go Murfie and make the experience your own by searching, trading, buying, OR selling old music.
ASY.  Check out this video to see how easy it is to get your CDs onto our site and sell them for cash or have fun trading.

Bottom line, Murfie is an online selling, trading, and buying community for music lovers.  Check out murfie.com to see if you agree with my grade-school project…perhaps a few reasons are left to be discovered.

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