Murfie’s origin story

Why Murfie is Murfie

Q: What’s up with your name?!  Does Murfie mean anything?
That’s a good question.  And the answer is actually quite relevant to our business model and vision.  Murfie comes from the acronym MRF, which stands for materials recycling facility and is pronounced “murf” – so it wasn’t rocket science to add those last two letters to MRF and make it sound awesome.

Now, what’s so significant about a materials recycling facility?  And is Murfie anything like a MRF?  Well, you can in fact think of Murfie as a specialized plant that receives, separates, and processes recyclable materials, which in our case is your collection of discs.  Like a MRF, Murfie does indeed receive materials (CDs!) that can be sorted and prepared for end-users ( customers!).  Our treatment goes a bit like this:
1) We capture the value of physical CDs by taking your discs and turning them into digital music upon request,
2) while shedding the unwanted plastic packaging (and of course, recycling those materials)
3) and then we create and deliver value by providing an online selling, trading, and buying community that is both fun and hassle-free.

As you can see, Murfie’s mission is to contribute to the dematerialization movement – reduce the total material that’s required to serve a function.  So is less more?  Well, by freeing your home of physical clutter and turning those CDs into digital media, as well as recycling all other unnecessary materials, certainly does more with less.

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