Wild cards

Get to know the Murfie team, round 1

A product or service is only as cool as the people behind it.  What makes Murfie go?  Good ideas and hard work – both generated by (surprise, surprise!) people.  So who makes Murfie go?  A team of smart, lively, Midwestern (yes, they can all coexist) entrepreneurs and techies who happen to like music and the possibilities of combining community and digital media.

Now, let’s take out Murfie’s deck of cards (metaphor alert! cards=people) and learn a little bit more about who really helps make Murfie tick (i.e. Murfie’s executive team players):

Role at Murfie: The guy with the crazy ideas who’s crazy enough to chase after them and somehow convince really smart people to help out.
15-words-or-less professional bio: Serial entrepreneur, electrical engineer, software developer, beer tap inventor, patent holder, and startup community supporter.
Current location/hiding place of CD collection: Murfie, of course!
Favorite album(s): Sympathique by Pink Martini; Mozart Concertos 23 & 27 with Brendel on Piano; Black and White by The Bodeans.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: LOSSLESS digital.
What makes Madison great? We’re the city of friendly creatives. We work hard, play hard, and have the IQ without the attitude.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…not just another online music experience. If you truly want to OWN your music, Murfie is the only way to go.

Role at Murfie: The world may never know. However, it seems to have something to do with figuring things out. Then tidying up the kitchen. Then figuring them out again. Then building a chair. Then figuring them out again. Then ordering some keys. Then figuring them out again. Then eating a…
15-words-or-less professional bio: Preston is one cool guy. He’s also some sort of Internet and social systems guru. (is the conjunction cheating?)
Current location/hiding place of CD collection: In the extremely dusty shoebox that originally held a very nice pair of men’s dress shoes that are still with us, on the shelf next to the box (from New Balance running shoes, lost to history) of toys I keep for cats and children to play with.
Favorite album(s): Play by Moby; Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads; No Angel by Dido; Falling Further In by October Project; Broken by Nine Inch Nails; Run Lola Run soundtrack by Tykwer; Johnny Klimek; Reinhold Heil.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: Live.
What makes Madison great? I do. You can too. There’s room for more than just us.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…seriously kicking my ass right now, but I think I’ll get the upper hand soon and wrestle it to the ground. It’s also loads of fun to work on a music site. Music is awesome. I mean, really, what’s not to love about trading cool music???

Man of mystery/actual wild card…for now…

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