Cool is the new hot

What’s in a name?

In light of the blazing inferno otherwise known as the Dog Days of summer, I want to pay my respects to artists cool enough to be cool. Because what’s cooler than bein’ cool? (ICE COLD!) Having a name that has ice, cold, or cool in it. Duh. So today we salute you Artist That Has A Fresh Name, Yo. In these times of Excessive Heat Warnings and sweaty people, you deserve recognition. You keep us cool, no matter the heat index. What’s more, your music is also (generally!) cool.

I want to warn you, though, that more than half of these guys are rappers. So if hip hop’s not your music genre of choice, tough luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can still appreciate the freshness of the name calling. Oh, and let me know who I left out – without question there are other artists out there that’d make the cut.

Cold War Kids – indie rock
Coldcut – dance music
Coldplay – alternative rock
The Cool Kids – hip hop
Coolio – hip hop
LL Cool J – hip hop
Ice Cube – hip hop
Ice-T – hip hop
Vanilla Ice – hip hop

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