Staff Picks: Operation Hermit

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

You’re laying low this weekend. You’ve already nixed all invitations to dinner parties, debutante balls, and charity events. Your social calendar is at a zero. You think – just because I prefer to stay home for a few days doesn’t make me a hermit…right? Right. Now that you’ve steeled yourself for a low-key weekend, what album would you put on to enjoy the solitary life?

So, who’s takin’ on the challenge, Ethan Hunt style, this week? Drum roll, please…it’s…staffers Tynan, Tyler, and Victor!

Tynan picks So Sudden – The Hush Sound
“Perfect for a quiet weekend. It’s full of great tracks that make it the perfect record to have on repeat for a few days. Not so mellow as to put you to sleep, also not a banger that’s going to distract you from whatever you’re doing on your weekend hiatus.”

Tyler picks The Clarence Greenwood Recordings – Citizen Cope
“A definite go-to album. Can’t go wrong with tracks like ‘Son’s Gonna Rise,’ ‘Bullet and a Target,’ and ‘Sideways.’ The album has a mixture of easy listening and up-beat alternative rock with a hint of reggae that’ll definitely keep you entertained.”

Victor picks Ten – Pearl Jam
“Much of the album is about loneliness and isolation (actually, just about all of it is, one way or another), but I didn’t even choose it for that reason. It’s just a great record to listen to from start to finish – and to reflect on the early 90s and all the things I wish I had been old enough to enjoy.”

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