What’s new here?

Attack of the newsletter

Hello y’all. It’s that time of the month again…to bathe in the glorious light of knowledge. Murfie news, tips and tricks, August style. Take a look below for a summary of just the facts, but make sure to check out the newsletter to take a full ride on the funmobile. Yes, funmobile. And yes, I made that word up.

Sorting & filtering. We’ve added sort and filter functions to your personal shop. Let’s break that down: you can now sort your CD collection by price or artist, and filter by genre and decade. Wowzers! In a nutshell, this’ll help you organize your CDs into subsets to share with potential buyers.

Murfie Gold. Whaa?! Yes, you heard right. Murfie Gold: a membership program that gives you unlimited access to our ripping and conversion services for an annual fee of $24. Perks of membership cover all CDs in your Murfie collection. Pretty nifty, huh? Learn more here.

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