Staff Picks: That’s What He Said

Staffer Mitch (that’s his proper name ;-), per usual, gives us some fantastic albums, with excellent commentary, to check out. Don’t wait! – get ’em while they’re still hot + fresh.

Game Theory – The Roots
One of the best hip hop albums to come out in the last decade. A perfect balance of The Roots’ grimy aesthetic and top-notch songwriting. This record transcends genre, creating a sonic experience that is a true piece of art. From the furiously energetic “Don’t Feel Right” to the deeply personal, hauntingly beautiful “Clock with No Hands,” Game Theory is an incredible record from an incredible band.

Blur – Blur
For those who aren’t dedicated fans, Blur is defined by “Song 2”: the WOO-HOO! song. Though it was turned into a mindless party anthem through commercial placement, and written off as such, it resides on one of the most brilliant rock albums released during the 90s. While the observational Britpop of their previous album Parklife bleeds over into this record, it’s balanced out by a huge diversity of sounds reflecting punk rock, country, hip hop, and even calliope, and somehow retains cohesiveness and narrative.

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By – Lovage
Dan the Automator is the producer behind a number of excellent (and unusual) hip-hop concept projects, including Deltron 3030 and the first album from Gorillaz. On this record, he teams up with Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles, crafting a collection of sultry male/female duets over laid-back, almost Gainsbourgesque beats. Other contributors on this album include turntable virtuoso Kid Koala, producer Prince Paul, Blur’s Damon Albarn, and even Afrika Bambaataa.

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