What up, Murf-pack?

Another month, another newsletter

I sincerely hope your brain has enough room for some knowledge-based rocket fuel, because ladies and gents – our September newsletter has finally arrived. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet (for shame! for shame!), read on for a brief summary of what’s going on in Murfieland. But make sure you consume the whole shebang. Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power). If you disagree with that maxim, I’m not sure we can be friends. ;-)

Be a Featured Seller!
Attn: CD sellers. Holler at us [info@murfie.com] if you want to get highlighted on this blog. You answer a few questions; your CD collection gets some love as a Featured Shop in its very own post. Win-win.

A Big Hurrah for WSJ
In the last couple of weeks, we got some major press coverage. *cough* The Wall Street Journal *cough* A great big positive for us…and the Murfie community! :)

The Real Murfie Gold
As a result of the limelight, there’s something we need to stress – what Murfie Gold is, and is not. If you already have a Gold Membership, or want one, please see this important update! The gist of it: Murfie Gold isn’t a bulk ripping service.

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