Music tastes change…

So don’t forget about the ace up your sleeve

Remember when Kings of Leon had indie cred? [This was before they blew up in the U.S., their singles Sex on Fire and Use Somebody pervaded the airwaves, and their egos perhaps got the best of them when they started to cut short shows – and axed a summer tour – for suspect reasons.] No? Fine then: I have no choice but to dislodge the memory from your brain by way of force, er story.

Once upon a time…in a land far, far away…KOL was perceived as gritty, bluesy Southern rock. Their music was popular with the hipster crowd. The band still sported weird haircuts. Etc. Need more proof? Just listen to their debut studio album, Youth and Young Manhood: it’s raw and unvarnished, nothing like their arena rock sound as of late.

Now, let’s say you’re one of those KOL fans who bought out their discography due to your affinity for their early stuff, but ultimately lost interest as they quote, unquote became sellouts. What are you to do with the latest, traitorous albums? Well, one of the many pluses of buying music compact discs is that you can sell them at a later date. Say what?! Here’s what’s up: you’re protected by the first-sale doctrine, which allows the purchaser of a copyrighted work to transfer their lawfully made CD of the copyrighted work to someone else.

This solid guarantee of legal rights to sell and trade your used CDs, my fickle music-loving friends, is your pocket aces hand…so don’t forget to play it! It’s your ticket out of being saddled with albums you no longer care for. Read more about selling your CDs, legally, here.

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