Staff Picks: That’s What She Said #2

It’s been too long. Far too long. And so, the conditions are perfect for a new Staff Picks. Even better, it’s a That’s What She Said. Who doesn’t like one of those? And who doesn’t like the music taste of a Murfie staffer?

Ms. Alyssa, you’re up to bat!

Little Bit ~ Wounded Rhymes – Lykke Li
Have you ever heard this lady? Yes? *High five* No? Get on it. There are two albums here. I tried really hard to just pick one. Too difficult. It’s a tie! Get ’em both. Wounded Rhymes is the newer of the two, and has plenty of strong suites. I’ll say though, that Little Bit, with only four tracks, really packs a punch. Depending on the track, Li’s voice goes from forceful to sleepy, and it always seems to float in just the right way over everything else. Throughout both of these albums, she’s direct and thoughtful and most everything in-between.

Treats – Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells is comprised of one man – Derek E. Miller, former guitarist for hardcore band Poison the Well – and one woman – Alexis Krauss, once part of a short-lived teen pop group. While the combination of their musical backgrounds might seem like a train wreck, upon hearing the album, you’ll understand the beauty of this pairing. Krauss’s sweet-voiced vocals over the top of Miller’s power chords and gritty guitar: it works. The album moves effortlessly through myriad genres, from metal to punk to electronic to pop. The sound is big without being too big. “Rill Rill” is hands down my favorite track off the album. So much so that it took me awhile to get around to the rest of the songs, where I discovered that “Tell ‘Em” is a close second.

w h o k i l l – tUnE-yArDs
At first I was like, whoa. There’s a lot going on here. And then I settled into it. Eventually I got over the stylization of their name as well. (Come on – I can’t help it. My BA and MA in English make me real snotty like that.) Lo-fi is the name of the game with this music project put forth by Merrill Garbus. The album is lovely and easily listened to all the way through. Though I almost always forget to address the actual song content, I’ll say that the lyrics are worth noting as well. Plenty of food for thought within the layers of sound.

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