What’s cookin’ (good lookin’)?

Free samples of November news

This is literally my favorite part of the month. (Please note, I’m saying the word literally with the same zeal and enunciation as Chris Traeger. High five if you know who that is!) It’s that very special time when I get to share with you all a new edition of the Murfie newsletter. Friends, please meet the November news, tips & tricks. Amigos, please also meet a newsworthy summary of what’s in the newsletter:

Faster Delivery
We’ve rolled out changes that make our digital delivery faster. Way faster. Meaning, you’ll have your download ready within minutes of buying or trading for a used CD. For retail copies, we’re moving toward same-day digital delivery.

Flexible Returns
Returning your mail-in kit is about to get a whole lot more convenient. Soon you’ll have the option to drop off your package at both UPS and USPS locations. We include the prepaid UPS label in your kit; you choose where to drop it off.

1,000 Mail-in Kits
We hit the big one-zero-zero-zero mark. That’s pretty special to us because that means 1,000 folks out there want their CD collections posted on Murfie. A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported us on our journey to 1,000 kit requests.

Album Reviews
We review albums on our blog. Here’s a glimpse into our music picking and reviewing:
+ Album Reviews: Naked City
+ Staff Picks: High Speed
+ Album Reviews: Mylo Xyloto
+ Staff Picks: The Dark Side
We have a fantastic team of ops-ters (the folks who process your CD collections), who happen to know a thing or two about music. Keep up with our Staff Picks for new album commentary and reviews, and see if you can match their music know-how. Beware: they know musical jujutsu. (That’s right, musical jujitsu. It’s big overseas.)

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