Album Reviews: Kaya

Rastafarianism! Whenever I hear this word, I can’t help but think of this video (“a Rastafarian melody for the Quad”). But let’s get serious, the Rastafari movement has gained ground, thanks in large part to reggae music…and Bob Marley. Now, thanks to Murfie staffer, Kayla, we get to gain some knowledge on Marley’s 1978 album Kaya.

~ I know why they call Bob Marley the “King of Reggae.” Besides bringing the music of Jamaica to millions of listeners worldwide, he has influenced countless people over time and ignited the reggae spirit for generations to come.

With Kaya, by Bob Marley & The Wailers, you get a collection of songs that celebrate life. You feel the beauty, the struggle. Songs like “Easy Skanking” and “Sun Is Shining” are uplifting to me. They lighten the mood and send out positive vibrations. (Ya Mon!) It’s a beautiful thing.

This is a spiritual album in every way. It emanates true Rasta sentiments, and for that, it is one of my most treasured Bob Marley albums. This is real reggae in the roots.
     – Kayla Liederbach (host of U-Dub, reggae radio show on WSUM)

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