Whatcha thankful for?

Music that makes us say “thanks”

Oh boy, am I counting down the days until Turkey Day. In fact, I’ve already got my stretchy pants laid out. But you know what? What’s more important than stuffing yourself with stuffing and turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie (yum-yum!) is taking a moment to give thanks to what matters in life. For lots of us, that includes music. So, let’s say thanks to the albums that make us happy or pensive or exhilarated or [insert the mood of your choice].

Bon Iver by Bon Iver. It’s the only album that I can honestly say I am grateful for. It speaks to me!” – Melissa

“I am most thankful for Tri-Polar by Sick Puppies” – Evan

Citizen Cope by Citizen Cope. Clarence Greenwood has an amazing ability to blend soulful melodies with powerful lyrics. It puts me in a very reflective mood, which is always appropriate for the holidays” – Jon

England Keep My Bones by Frank Turner. His latest album puts his lyrical genius on display once again with each song speaking to something important to him that’s easy to relate to. Many of the tracks, like “Wessex Boy” and “Rivers,” speak to the idea of pride in one’s home and traditions, making the record perfect for the Thanksgiving season” – Jim

Tell us, what album are you most thankful for? We’ll tweet it (provided, you provide your twitter handle)!

One thought on “Whatcha thankful for?”

  1. Allow me to elaborate a bit. Sick Puppies’ Tri-Polar has given me the motivation I need to take on the world, no matter what the challenge. It’s empowering and down-to-earth, honest, heartfelt, and overall agreeable.

    Jim’s pick is also an excellent choice. I appreciate it for many of the same reasons I use to rationalize Tri-Polar. Frank Turner has been one of the best artists I have encountered in 2011.

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