Album Reviews: Just Won’t Burn

Susan Tedeschi received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in the year 2000. The award went to Christina Aguilera. We all know who Aguilera is, but what about Tedeschi? She’s a blues singer, who recently formed The Tedeschi Trucks Band with her husband Derek Trucks. And what about her (national) debut album? Was that any good? Murfie staffer, Victor, reviews it for you.

~ I admit that I’m one who constantly looks to the past rather than the future for musical inspiration. Between classic rock, jazz, and hip hop I usually feel like I was born in the wrong time period (my ears in particular), but when it comes to the blues I can almost always get that nostalgic “this is what I’ve been missing on the radio” feel without having to go nearly as far back in time or away from home. That’s the kind of vibe I felt when I stumbled upon Just Won’t Burn by Susan Tedeschi.

While I’d heard the name before, I was somewhat unsure what to expect from a solo effort by a woman I knew primarily because of her marriage to that one guy from The Allman Brothers Band. But scanning through a few tracks quickly turned my questions from “what was the song they would’ve tried to push from this?” to “how have I not heard this voice before?” There is something powerful and sincere in Tedeschi’s voice that I haven’t heard in awhile. “It Hurts So Bad” and the album’s title track “Just Won’t Burn” were notably so direct and powerful that I kept trying to place it earlier in time where I would’ve discovered the song and its artists. The raw range and ferocity of her voice matched with the depths and variety of the backing instrumental voices met together quite effectively.

Of course, blues albums always risk becoming a bit repetitive, and I won’t say that this doesn’t flirt with that line at times. A few country influences here and there might not have been my particular taste, such as on “Angel from Montgomery.” Still, the overall emotion found throughout the record definitely kept me paying attention. I found this record as an admirable voice from the recent past that I certainly wish I’d have heard the first time around.
     – Victor Dupuy

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