How-to: use classified ads

It made me a really happy camper to see that Murfie member, Bill, posted an ad about his Murfie collection on eBay Classifieds. I suggest y’all do the same. (that is, post a classified ad about your CD collection…not Bill’s. well, only if you really, really want to.)

Reason #1 – it’s easy.

Reason #2 – it’s free.

Reason #3 – it’s free.

There’s a bunch of free classified ads services at your disposal. Aside from eBay Classifieds, there’s CraigslistOodleAdoosBuyMyStuff, and Backpage, to name a few. All these services make it easy peasy to create and post an ad. One obvious tip I have for you is to include the URL of your personal shop in your ad posting. For example, take a look at Bill’s ad on eBay Classifieds. Bill makes sure to say that his Murfie collection is at (Well done, Bill!)

Another tip I have for you is to include basic info about your CD collection, like price range and genres available, in the posting description. You may also want to add some music factoids or personal history behind your collection to make the post more share-worthy. Here’s an example “For Sale” posting we’ve mocked up for Craigslist.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us in the comments section if you’ve got a classified ad out there for your Murfie collection. Share the link, I’ll give you an air five, and then we’ll tweet about it @murfiemusic.

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