My Sound

A lot of things can be broken down to what happened when you were a kid. Seriously, almost everything. When I think about things that are “the core of Kayla,” I realize that the music I listened to as a kid really shaped a lot of the beliefs I have today. Here is some of the stuff I’ve listened to throughout the years and how I think it’s shaped me in the process.

Spice Girls Grade School Girl Power, feminism, sleeping with stuffed animals is fine at any age.
Alanis Morissette Grade School Boys suck!!!
Backstreet Boys Grade School Boys are wonderful!!!
Yellowcard High School I am so alternative and no one understands me!
Wicked (The Musical) High School Be strong in the face of adversity. My differences are my strengths.
Beck High School What the heck did I used to listen to?
Sufjan Stevens High School Individuality and fairy wings rock.
The Doors College I am soooo California-bound.
Jefferson Airplane College There are some things I just can’t learn in school.
Bob Marley College No worries, Mon!
The Gladiators College Find peace through positive vibes.
King Tubby College Dub for I, forever :)

It’s interesting to me to see how people are shaped by their music choices, or if their music choices are shaped by who they are already, or maybe a little of both. It’ll sure be interesting to see what this list looks like in a few years…

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Kayla Liederbach

I host a reggae radio show Wednesday nights at 7pm CT on 91.7fm WSUM-Madison called U DUB.

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