Giveaway: Give Your #1 Reason

Not too long ago, this guy (aka MISTER Shawn Broderick) posted on his blog letting us all know why he’s Addicted To Murfie. He shared 4 reasons.

I’m thinking you can come up with your very own reason why Murfie rules. The possibilities are endless: be serious, be clever, be sassy, be smart, whatever – just give us ONE good reason. The human being who comes up with the most excellent answer will win $25 Murfie account credit.

For a chance to win, leave us a comment before midnight CST on Friday, January 20, 2012. Be sure to fill in your name and email address (your email is not published). Please, one answer per email. The “most excellent answer” will be as judged by the team of staffers here at Murfie HQ. The winner will be notified by email during the week of January 23rd.

22 thoughts on “Giveaway: Give Your #1 Reason”

  1. Hey all, Ashley here. The crew at Murfie has chewed over all your answers, and has picked the #1 reason, in our opinion, submitted by Paul:

    “A no-brainer: A lossless album for the price of a lossy song.”

  2. Murfie is #1 because my son Tom Fullmer works there and he can’t stop raving about all of you and how much fun he’s having working there! It’s a perfect job for him as a college student!

  3. I’m not sure what to say here… I have 3TB of my own home network storage with all of my 500+ cd’s copied to it.. So.. I never have to use a service like this , But it is still a very very cool idea! for those that can’t set up what I have :-)

  4. The first-sale and fair use doctrines, along with Murfie’s huge digitally-indexed warehouse of customer-owned discs all conspire to give us what I believe is the future of personal music libraries.

  5. I’m a hoarder and as such still possess every single cd I’ve owned since age 11. I love that Murfie lets me trade away Meatloaf and Sammy Hagar for the Drifters and Sam Cooke. Ah, growth.

  6. Murfie is #1 for me because they gave me an alternative to Itunes. I like that I pay real money for a physical album and Murfie takes the hassle away by converting it to digital for me. Thank you Murfie.

  7. Murfie rocks because I just don’t have room in my life to store any more “stuff.” I have boxes with CDs in my office that I never ever look at or listen to. Why, because who wants to digg through that “physical” stuff? But, wait! I paid for that “stuff” and there’s some good tunes in there. It’s awesome that I can send my CDs to Murfie.Com and get back digital files that I can always access … because I own them. Thanks, Murfie, for cleanning up my life a little and giving me one less thing to worry about. Convenient! Word.

  8. My #1 reason is that Murfie helped me reduce clutter in my garage. I think it was great that I could get rid of nearly 400 cds out of my garage and maybe make $ from selling them online. I will be getting married soon and having more space for my soon to be wife’s storage stuff is always nice. Other reasons include: tThey offer a variety of download file types to convert to and their prices are certainly cheaper than you would find on Amazon or iTunes.

  9. Does it count that I was the friend that emailed Shawn about Murfie? ;-) Leveraging shipping fees arbitrage to help transition from atoms to bits is brilliant…

  10. I love Murfie because you save me a boat load of money. I can actually take myself off a music buying freeze, that’s how much money I save. I figured out the one day that I would have went out and bought or downloaded what I downloaded from Murfie, I saved around $165! Also I get excited when someone buys my music and I get a Murfie music credit. So awesome! It’s almost like FREE music!

  11. Murfie is AWESOME! I love the fact I can actually own the physical disc without having to find a place to put them all! Murfie finds a place to store my music!

  12. I think Murfie rules because it lets me own my music while disowning the clutter that comes with having all of these CDs in my house.

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