The Dev Cave, Episode 1

Forget man cave, mantuary, or manspace. Let’s hear it for “dev cave,” a monthly update from our lead developer, Jason Gullickson.

“This month we focused on bolstering the inner workings of the Murfie machinery. We just rolled out a new “Disc Dematerializer” to improve the speed at which members’ discs get posted as well as an overhaul of our existing warehouse system to support posting discs one-at-a-time (instead of having to wait for an entire kit to be processed).

Once we finish up the improvements under the hood, we’ll be focusing on the parts of Murfie our members use the most. We want to make the site faster and easier to use as well as implement the features popularly requested by members.

In addition to our regularly scheduled programming (har har har) we have some experimental work going on in the Murfie labs. Mobile apps, cloud music locker interfaces, and other R&D projects are under way as we continue to look for new ways to make Murfie the best online music platform in the world.”

Sweet! Thanks, Jason! For the very latest from our developer team, stay tuned to more episodes of The Dev Cave each and every month.

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