Interview about Project Lodge [PODCAST]

So, remember how I told you guys about Bookless and Project Lodge? (A refresher: Project Lodge, or Pro Lo as the cool kids like to say, is a hub for the community arts in Madison, Wisconsin.) As luck would have it, for all you curious cats, Murfie’s own Kayla Liederbach did some on-the-scene reporting at the not long past Project Lodge Benefit Show at the Majestic Theatre, which featured 5 local bands. Take a listen (and check out some photos from the Benefit, compliments of Evan Benner, another Murfie staffer).

Who: Tom Teslik, Anna Vogelzang; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: The Project Lodge, The Benefit Show, and local musicians: Anna Vogelzang, Whitney Mann, All Tiny Creatures, Icarus Himself, and Julian Lynch
Where: The Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI
When: Saturday, January 21, 2012
How: Recorded by Kayla Liederbach; intro music composed by Jon Brumbaugh

Project Lodge interview (audio file)


Learn more about the Project Lodge at

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