Art & Audio Update

First things first. Thanks a million for being part of the Murfie universe. And for sticking around. Through thick and thin. And also for being so darn awesome. You guys are truly what make Murfie tick.

Ok, down to business. You might’ve noticed that the art and audio throughout the Murfie site have presently been made unavailable. We’re fully aware that this is a pain point for members who want to experience The Full Murfie: at the moment we’re working to restore licensed access. However, we can’t say exactly when album art and audio clips will be restored.

Rest assured that we’ll provide another update to y’all as soon as more details can be shared. In the meantime, have no fear, everything still works as it should in Murfieland. Please feel free to contact us at if you’ve got any questions or concerns. Thanks! Muchas gracias!

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