Pop Tuesday, Vol. 1

Surprise! Another new “curated music” series for your listening pleasure. This one’s called Pop Tuesday. Keep track of all our previous picks by hitting up this tag archive for “Pop Tuesday”.

La Roux – La Roux
“Going ‘In for the Kill’ with soaring melodies and poptastic synth. Doesn’t get much catchier than this.” – Evan

Hangin’ Tough – New Kids on the Block
“The first boy band of my generation. I listened to this as a kid. (Just don’t tell anyone!)” – Will

Tone Soul Evolution – The Apples In Stereo
“Super fun indie pop record from 1997. It’s nostalgic and uplifting. If you’re into pop music from the 60s, you’ll probably love this album (and others by The Apples).” – Daniella

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
“Seriously, who doesn’t love Britney?” – Steve

Girl You Know It’s True – Milli Vanilli
“Let me just say what everyone else was thinking.” – Alyssa

Songs About Jane – Maroon 5
“Great rhythms. Great vocals. Always a fun listen.” – Matt

Summer House – Gold Motel
“It’s the perfect album for any given point in your summer. Gold Motel is fronted by Greta Salpeter formerly of The Hush Sound, and she perfectly encapsulates summer into one album.” – Tynan

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