Interview with Katie Powderly [PODCAST]

Folk noir musician Katie Powderly is currently on her “From Sea to Shining Sea” 50-State RV Tour. Take a look to see when Katie’s coming to your neck of the woods: http://www.katiepowderly.com/tour

Who: Katie Powderly; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: KP talks about her new album, her new label, and her big plans to travel the country
Where: Red-Winged Blackbird Records, Madison, WI
When: Friday, June 22, 2012
How: Recorded by Kayla Liederbach

Katie Powderly interview (audio file)

[audio https://murfiemusic.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/katiepowderly_interview.mp3]

Watch Katie Powderly’s live performance at Murfie HQ on our YouTube channel.

Check out more of Katie at www.katiepowderly.com.

Into RSS? Follow our podcast feed via: https://blog.murfie.com/category/podcasts/feed/

*Photo credit to Mick McKiernan

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