Giving is Living! – NEW Gifting Feature

Giving is better than receiving. If you agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, you’re in luck—because we just launched a brand spanking new “gifting” feature. Gift any album in your Murfie music library to one of your friends! Pretty nice, huh?

How it works. Just navigate to your “My Library” page in your Murfie account, and find the album you want to give away. Click the “Give this album to a friend!” link and you’ll then be prompted to enter your friend’s email address. Nicest part—you’ll even have the opportunity to send your friend a personal message!

If your friend accepts your “gift” within 3 days, we’ll move the disc out of your library and into your friend’s. Mission Gift-Giving complete!

If your friend is slow on the trigger, or just decides to reject your gift [sad face], the album will remain in your library.

As with all new features, hit me up if you have any questions or want more info. Happy to help! #happyhelper

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