How-to: sort by artist

Terrific news for all you music lovers who like a good clean organized collection. We just added the ability to sort your music library on Murfie by ARTIST! High fives all around.

To start managing and organizing your music collection, just create or log into your account on Murfie. Then, hit up the “My Library” tab to view all your discs in one place. You can do lots of neato things, like:

  • mark discs for sale
  • mark discs for trade (if you’re Gold)
  • sort discs by: Artist | Title | Year | Recent Activity
  • gift discs to friends
  • download discs

Wish you could do even more with your music library on Murfie? Let us know in the comments below, or shoot us an email with your feedback to

Happy sorting! :)

2 thoughts on “How-to: sort by artist”

  1. I’d love to see search by artist in my own collection. I have a lot of discs, if I search from the top bar I cant even tell if I own it already it only shows other people selling it. Sorting helps but I still have to page through a lot (except for my Air discs).

    1. Hey there, thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass that on to our Dev team–the ability to search for specific discs within your own collection would certainly be a helpful tool. Feel free to hit us up with any other comments whenever you feel like it :)

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