Murfie Fact vs Fiction – Round 2

In the premiere round of Murfie fact vs fiction, we shared six stats and policies about Murfie. This time, it’s personal. Read on for six more #MurfieFacts about our HQ and people, originally trumpeted on our twitter feed, and go behind the impregnable walls* of Murfieland. (*Jk, you just need an invite or a key fob.)

  1. We call the whole process of receiving your kit, digitizing your CDs and storing them in our warehouse “ingesting.”
  2. Our CEO Matt Younkle invented and founded TurboTap. (It pours beer better and faster.)
  3. Our name has its origins in MRF! (What’s a MRF?)
  4. We make our kits in a room called the Favre Room. Don’t ask. (OK, it’s because there’s a poster of Brett Favre on the wall.)
  5. One of the wintertime perks around Murfieland is unlimited oranges. It’s Wisconsin; we need our vitamin C, dang it!
  6. We leave a handwritten note on every outgoing kit. (We like to keep it real, yo.)

Until round 3 . . . feel free to leave us a question you want answered. (whatever, whenever!)

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