Curious CDs

Let’s see, what did our Murfie staffers pick out as the most interesting disc at Murfie this week?

14 Shades of Grey — Staind

MI0000384916 The Facts:

  • Staffers had a debate, and this is in fact NOT a predecessor to the recent best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Instead of passion and lust, themes of angst and deep reflection are more prevalent in this album
  • If 14 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades of Grey provoke such different emotions, it’s still a mystery what all the other shades provoke

This album is loved by many who love rock. I wonder, would it would pair well with a good old fashioned night of reading?

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Kayla Liederbach

I host a reggae radio show Wednesday nights at 7pm CT on 91.7fm WSUM-Madison called U DUB.

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