TIME Ponders Digital Music at End-Times

A copy of a recent issue of TIME crossed my desk recently, and an article by Katy Steinmetz asks:

What happens to your virtual things when you’re gone?

Steinmetz’s article “From Here to E-ternity” isn’t available online – except to subscribers – but it is worth seeking out, as she thoughtfully surveys the state of “post-death” rules and options around E-Books, Music, Games, Photos, Movies & TV, E-Mail, Social Media, and Domains.

The good folks at the Guardian Express did a nice follow-on piece that includes much of the data from the TIME article. The  grid of the different media types is worth a look-see.

We at Murfie believe that you can and should own your music. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of albums on Murfie, and each is backed by a physical Compact Disc that belongs to a customer. It’s theirs to take physical delivery of, stream or download music from, to give away, to sell, or even to pass along to their progeny when they shuffle off this mortal coil.

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