New Cool Collection on Murfie!

How are you diggin’ our first Cool Collection on Murfie, the Top 100 albums of all time?

If you haven’t heard, we’ve started creating Cool Collections of albums to provide some guided browsing through our enormous marketplace! (Check out our last article here.)

Well today, let me introduce you to our newest Cool Collection on Murfie—(and it’s a SUPER-cool one, I will add)—the Top 100 debut albums!

In this collection, pulled from Amazon’s 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time, you’ll see the early gems from bands like R.E.M. to Radiohead to Rage Against the Machine—ready to buy for just $1 and up! Each album here has been hand-picked for it’s unforgettable impact over the years to come.

You can find this new Cool Collection—and more to come—anytime by looking at the sidebar in our marketplace. So check it out, because these ones are gonna move FAST! Find out which debut album is your favorite of all time!

Published by

Kayla Liederbach

I host a reggae radio show Wednesday nights at 7pm CT on 91.7fm WSUM-Madison called U DUB.

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