Shopkeep of the Week

Sean has been a Murfie member since way back in the day (May 2011, that is). Since then, he’s sent two kits packed with over 1300 discs all the way from New Jersey to Madison.


Murfie: How did you originally learn about Murfie?
Sean: I originally heard about Murfie from Thrillist, which I highly recommend checking out, as it is a great way to stay up to date on all sorts of interesting things.

M: When did you purchase your first CD? What was it?
S: I got my first CD in 1989 and it was Janet Jackson‘s Rhythm Nation 1814, and I think I wound up playing it about a thousand times. I still love that whole album. I remember also that I had a Sharp bookshelf stereo with a small window into the CD player so I could see it spinning around inside, which I thought was very cool.

M: How many CDs do you own (or did you own at peak)?
S: I don’t remember the exact total anymore, but it was up over 2000, which was probably a bit excessive…

M: How tall are you?
S: 6’5″, which may also be a bit excessive…

M: Tell us about your musical tastes.
S: While I do often wind up liking acts from all different genres, I would say techno, house and pop have always been my favorites. I am relatively confident that there were not a lot of other people in my high school listening to Orbital or Rave til Dawn, but something about electronic music has always drawn me to it.

M: What can folks expect to find in your store (if different than the above)?
S: A lot of the aforementioned techno, house and pop, featuring a lot of things that are more on the rare side, and often not available from any digital music service or store yet. I bought a lot of cd maxi-singles for the remixes during the years I was a DJ at a small bar here in Cape May, so there is a big selection of material from then.

M: If you could meet any musician or band in person, who would it be and why?
S: Probably the Pet Shop Boys. I have absolutely loved nearly every song they’ve put out, and their lyrics really speak to my life, often being uncannily fitting for what I’m going through at any given time. I mean who hasn’t been in a relationship that couldn’t be summed up by “I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore”?

M: What is your favorite album at the moment?
S: Woodkid‘s The Golden Age. He isn’t a exactly the greatest singer, but he’s more than good enough, and the lush, over-produced, symphonic sound running throughout the entire album is pretty much exactly in my pop-music sweetspot.

M: What do you plan to do with the millions of dollars you’re making from your Murfie shop?
S: Not sure exactly, it depends on what I want when I cash it out LOL.

M: Which Beatle was your favorite?
S: Paul, because he wrote the best James Bond theme of all time (sorry Adele).

Check out Sean’s shop on Murfie!

Shopkeep of the Week is a weekly feature that focuses on our most interesting Murfie shopkeepers. These are music lovers like you who have sold hundreds of pre-loved CDs on Murfie and have hundreds more at the ready to please your ears! If you’d like your Murfie Shop to be featured, or if you’d like to nominate a shop to be featured, please e-mail us at and let us know.



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