Curious CDs

Here’s an album that you don’t see every day…

Didgeridoo Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide, Disc 1

MI0002499933The Facts:

  • This album will make you a didge pro in no time (the world needs more of them, really).
  • You’ll hear all the best practices from this instructor, including, “Fill up your mouth with water, and begin to breathe in and out through your nose in a natural way. As you are doing this, squirt the water out in a thin stream from the center of your mouth at the same time.” Easy-peasy!
  • If one didgeridoo lesson isn’t enough, rest assured that the second half of this album goes through the same lesson plan again—in German!

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument invented by Indigenous Australians, and we think it’s just fab that modern folk can access this real legitimate introduction here via CD. This album would be especially useful if you actually own your own didge…and if you have some strong lungs!

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Kayla Liederbach

I host a reggae radio show Wednesday nights at 7pm CT on 91.7fm WSUM-Madison called U DUB.

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