Interview with Eric Hutchinson

Way back in the day (April 2012, actually), we had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Eric Hutchinson. It’s been fun seeing his career really take off over the past year and a half, especially since we caught up with him right as his new album, Moving Up Living Down, was being released. Here’s a write-up of our interview, and another chance to get to know this singer/songwriter that you can’t help but love!


INTRO: This is Kayla here, with your Murfie podcast. Eric Hutchinson is someone you might know. He’s got a good vibe to his music, and his fans are so devoted. Before he left on his tour, he gave me a call, so that we could all get to know some more about him.

[MUSIC: “Watching You Watch Him” by Eric Hutchinson]

Kayla: So where are you calling from?

Eric: I’m calling from New York City.

Kayla: Alright, and I see that you’re about to head out on a really big tour across the country.

Eric: Yeah—I’m really excited. I’m starting the tour April 17th, the same day the album comes out—my new album. I’ve never done that before, so it’s gonna be fun to, you know, get the fans to learn all the songs, and I expect they’ll want to get the music as soon as possible and learn the songs, so they can come out and sing along with me.

Kayla: Who are you going on tour with?

Eric: We’re gonna be headlining, and we’re doing most of the dates with Graffiti6 opening up, and a couple of dates with Anya Marina opening up, as well, so it’s gonna be really cool.

Kayla: Cool! So, before you do all these shows, do you have any pre-show rituals, or lucky things that you like to do before you get started?

Eric: My pre-show ritual is pretty boring; I kind of hang out backstage, I do some vocal warm-ups and some stretches—you know, I’ve got all kinds of kooky things I do to keep my voice in the best shape possible.

Kayla: Mm-hmm. So, I see that you’ve got a lot of experience playing piano and guitar for your songs, so I was wondering if you’ve ever thought about learning a new instrument—something maybe you haven’t considered before, that maybe popped up.

Eric: I used to play trumpet when I was a kid, and then I got braces, and I couldn’t really play it anymore, so sometimes I wish I could still play that; I think it’s a great instrument, so maybe one of these days I’ll pick it back up.

Kayla: I was wondering about what type of music you like to listen to, and when I thought about that question, I realized that, if I were answering the question, I’d have different answers for different parts of my life. So, when you were a kid, what type of music did you like to listen to?

Eric: I was raised really strongly on The Beatles; they were huge in my family, my parents loved them, and they used to quiz me on who was singing which song, and we’d play certain records for certain events, and things like that. So I mean, they were sort of my introduction to pop music. One of the first albums I ever wanted to buy on my own was a Stevie Wonder album that we had sang in school, and I made my mom take me out and we bought the record of it, wherever that was. And then later on when I was a teenager, I got really big into rap and hip-hop and rock, but I really love all kinds of music, you know. I really love classical music, and I was exposed to a lot of Broadway stuff when I was growing up, so. I mean, I love—there’s so much stuff out there, you know.

Kayla: So your new album, Moving Up Living Down—what can people expect from that?

Eric: I tried really hard to make an album that people could sing and dance to, and feel good listening to, and have a positive message. And I think my music tastes keep changing, so I think the music I make changes a little bit. I think there’s a strong soul influence in this album, cause I sort of consider myself in the end a soul singer. And um, the album’s really about transitioning, you know; [when] I made the first album, I was living at my parents’ house in Maryland, and then since then I’ve moved to New York City, where I live now, and I think the city had a big influence on the kind of songs I wanted to make. And I think it’s just about, you know, growing up, and going from a young adult into adulthood.

Kayla: Right on. So, I had a few questions for you from our staff members here at Murfie. Corey wanted to know, what is your favorite snack food?

Eric: [Laughs] My favorite snack food. Um, I have a problem because I will eat everything. Like, I can’t just see a bowl of almonds sitting there and not eat all of them—like I will destroy whatever is in my path. So yeah, right now I’m really big on like, almonds and cashews.

Kayla: And Ellen from our staff was wondering, what would you want to be reincarnated as?

Eric: Interesting. Um, I don’t know; maybe—an elephant? I don’t know, they seem pretty smart, and strong, and stuff—I have no idea. But then you’re just probably giving rides to tourists your whole life, in India somewhere.

Kayla: [Laughs] Alright Eric, well, best of luck to you on this tour and with the new album release. It seems like you’re going to be really busy, so good luck with everything!

Eric: Thank you very much, I appreciate it, and yeah, I’m excited for the new record—it comes out April 17th.

Kayla: And that was Eric Hutchinson. You can check him out on Facebook, at, or see him on tour. The music you’re hearing right now is a clip from his new single, “Watching You Watch Him.” Thanks for listening—I’ll see you later!

[MUSIC: “Watching You Watch Him” by Eric Hutchinson]

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