Murfie Vinyl is Coming!

Pro-Ject Audio RPM 5.1
Photo courtesy Pro-Ject Audio.

Meet the RPM 5.1 by Pro-Ject Audio. The RPM 5.1 features a newly upgraded low-resonance MDF main platter; a completely decoupled motor with a finely tuned two-step pulley drive; a single piece carbon-fibre tonearm and headshell assembly; adjustable azimuth, counterweight and anti-skate weights; and more. This turntable is solid, and it sounds great!

This is the turntable that will be used to rip your records when they arrive at Murfie HQ in Madison, Wisconsin.  After hearing requests from our members again and again, we are happy to say that a fully functional Murfie vinyl service is on its way.

Your feedback is very important to us. For that reason, we’ve built this service from the ground up with constant member contact. Before writing a single line of code, we surveyed hundreds of members and spoke one-on-one with dozens of real people interested in getting their vinyl records on Murfie.

With beta testers sending their records in as we speak, I’m glad to finally spill the beans about the Murfie vinyl service. We’ve been hard at work for the last few months learning from our members and building a service that both suits their needs and offers a competitive price for vinyl digitization – plus all the benefits of cloud access. 

Stay tuned for more information about the Murfie vinyl service. I can’t wait to share more details with you in the weeks to come!

Published by

John Kruse

John Praw Kruse is a Wisconsin-based artist and musician. His ambient works have been used as the primary soundtrack for the independent film Geister (Germany, 2011), as well as a number of short films. He is the founder of Mine All Mine Records and the Lost City Music Festival.

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