JPLAY: The solution for playing perfect lossless files

At Murfie, we’re big fans of lossless music. We are pleased as punch to recommend JPLAY, the solution for playing lossless files right from your computer.

JPLAY is software that ensures a properly-timed feed of audio files—meaning it minimizes buffering and latency issues for perfect-sounding audio to match perfect lossless files.

Due to its general-purpose nature PC may not always ensure precise timing of audio tracks. If you’re using your computer as a playback source for audio files, and you’re feeding those files into expensive components, JPLAY will ensure the audio feed is very properly timed. The beauty of this software extends by listening to external DACs connected via USB. With JPLAY’s time-sensitive parameters, the music sets the pace and not the PC or the CD spinning.

JPLAY is for PCs (and Mac-Boot Camp), and it matches perfectly with all kinds of hardware.

See for yourself! JPLAY 5.2 has just been launched, and you can download the free trial version by clicking this link:

Special deal for Murfie customers (through 12/31/13):
For a limited time, the price for a JPLAY single license for Murfie customers is $121. It includes a 32 and 64-bit installer in one package, free lifetime upgrades and personal support directly from the authors. JPLAY will provide Murfie customers with the fully working player shortly after payment using

Here’s to the audiophiles out there!

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Kayla Liederbach

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2 thoughts on “JPLAY: The solution for playing perfect lossless files”

  1. We’re aware some folks disagree on JPlay. No shock there, we have as a company never encountered anything where audiophiles don’t disagree at least to the heated argument level :) So far disagreement has not risen, we’re pleased to report, to the murderous rage level.

    In fact, some people feel Murfie itself sucks. Really. I could not disagree more. I think that’s like hating chocolate, but I can totally disagree without thinking detractors are crazy or dishonest.

    Murfie’s policy on “does it sound better” questions is unequivocal: “Better” is subjective, and we each own our ears, so our member hears what they say they hear. It’s not up to us to decide what sounds better, it’s our job to afford ways to collect music you love and make it sound and work right for you, where and how you want. We facilitate that.

    So, we’re like a bank. A bank might offer ways to invest, save, and pay for things, and even advice on all three, but it shouldn’t limit how you spend your money. Murfie, as a bank for music, offers ways to collect, save, and play music, and we make recommendations that work for us and others, but we won’t tell you what you may collect or how you “should” play it.

    Instead, with Murfie we give you and your software, or your dedicated gear, all the data and all the control, to do what you want with for your personal use. Period.

    In this case, our co-founder, Matt, checked out JPlay with Murfie members who use it and got some great reviews and no horror stories on this software.

    Nonetheless, discerning buyers should do their homework and test things anywhere they have concerns – because milage always varies, it’s software, and for audiophiles! In this case start with a link to Google JPlay, JRiver, Foobar200 and download a trial if the software interests you.

    (Or use another search engine, if you hate Google :)

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