Digitize photos and videos with FotoBridge

A few weeks ago, I decided to back up my family’s photo memories with FotoBridge. I sent a combo of about 2,000 photos and negatives to their digital lab in New Jersey, and soon afterwards received a hard drive full of great scans, along with my original photos.

My FotoBridge experience was terrific. My boxes of photo memories that were once sitting at home have now been moved to the cloud to share with family and friends. I thought there might be some Murfie members out there with similar needs, so I contacted the company about putting together an offer for Murfie folks.

Special discount for Murfie members: Order by Feb 12th and receive 15% off everything (including options) + FREE Extra Duplicate Disc Set backup! COUPON CODE = MURFOTO

FotoBridge will not only take your photos, but your slides, negatives, home movies and videos. Everything is then scanned and copied the way you prefer, including high-quality DVDs, CDs, mobile drives, online delivery via ftp, and photo sharing sites. You can even customize your package to include your favorite formats and the number of copies you want made.


It feels good to know that my family’s memories are protected forever now, and can’t be destroyed, lost, or stolen. In life, I think it’s good to have a reliable backup of the things that mean the most to you. At Murfie, we’ve got your music covered. Leave it to FotoBridge to handle your photos. As you can see, great minds think alike ;-)

Published by

Matt Younkle

Murfie, Inc. Cofounder & CEO

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