Murfie Vinyl is Here!


In 2016, vinyl sales were reported to have been at a 28 year high by They explain that amidst the creation of Record Store Day in 2008, the purchasing of actual vinyl records began to reemerge in pop culture. They state that so-called hipsters in their 20’s and 30’s were looking for a way to diversify their listening experience.

It is fantastic to see that there are an increasing number of vinyl enthusiasts out there growing their collections, supporting local record shops and keeping the vinyl industry alive. But for those of us whose records haven’t left the crates or shelves in years (because we long ago traded in our turntables for digital technology), how can we re-experience our vinyl collections at maximum quality with minimal effort? That is where Murfie comes in!

Using state of the art recording equipment we will clean and digitize all of your old vinyl and make it available for stream or download in the following formats: FLAC and ALAC, mp3 and AAC complete with metadata. Click here for a detailed description of our vinyl services or to get an online quote.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about any of our other services.

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