2nd Time’s the Charm? On TIME Again.

As the saying goes, good things come in pairs. This is now a proven irrefutable fact — because we’ve snagged ANOTHER feature in TIME Techland. Remember the first one?

Well, here’s the latest article, which is a Q&A with Murfie CEO Matt Younkle. IMHO, the best sound bite is this…

Our take at Murfie is that, moving forward, there will always be a large group of people that want to own their music, not just rent it. I mean music as part of your culture. I think you should be able to own your culture, not just rent your culture.

Also, IMHO, this second tweet from @Techland should be framed. What do you think? I think a classic wood frame would look nice.


Timeout! We’re on TIME?

I know I say this a lot, but this time I really mean it. I’m as pleased as punch to report that little old Murfie snagged a feature on TIME. TIME, people. That’s a big deal for us. So thanks a bunch to Matt Peckham from TIME Techland for making it happen.

Here is the article.

Also, here is the tweet that I’d like to frame. I think it’d look pretty classy in a nice gold frame? — please discuss. You can get back to me later.


Dos & Don’ts of Shipping Etiquette

Let’s play a round of Do or Don’t with the Murfie operations team. These guys work incredibly hard to receive and process your music collections in a timely manner.

From many CDs of experience, they’ve picked up a few basic tips and tricks along the way that should make the whole darn process go more smoothly (for both you and us).

DO: Keep your CD-Rs at home. For copyright reasons, we cannot accept them. — John K.

DON’T: No need to fret about what exactly to send us. All we require is the CD itself. — Tyler S.

DO: Let us be your bookshelf. Include your binders, wallets and jewel cases in your kit; we’ll recycle them and post your music CDs online. — Gao V.

DON’T: Refrain from shipping us discs that are too scratched up to play. We are unable to list those for sale on Murfie. — Gao V.

DO: Album art and liner notes are optional. If you do decide to send them in, we’ll happily keep them in storage with your CDs. — Tyler S.

Got additional Do or Don’t questions? We’ve got answers.

What’s The One Thing? (Murfie Staffers Answer That Q)

When I say “that one thing” – what pops into your head? Is it this or is it that? Whichever it happens to be, I now know a lot more about you than I did before ;)

The sole reason I bring this up is, I asked a few of my fellow Murfie teamsters to name “that one thing” that makes Murfie so unique and singular for them. It could be one word, one sentence, one sentiment, one catchline, one whatever. And BOOM. Here are the answers.

“‘OMG! I haven’t heard this album since I was in college in the 80s! Here it is for a dollar!’ I experienced this sentiment TWICE today…I picked up two $1 albums I hadn’t listened to (or remembered!) since 1986 or 1987.” — Shawn B., Customer Development

“Truly own the music you love.” — Matt Y., CEO

“Space. My entire collection of 600+ CDs now takes up ZERO space in my home, but I still have the benefit of listening to them all whenever I want. (Bonus points: moving apartments will be SUPER easy!)” — John K., Operations

“Trading! I love that music I’ve grown tired of can go to a good home, and I can explore new music as a result. AND it’s all legal! It’s a huge part of the Murfie experience for me.” — Glynnis R., Design & Development

“I’d say ‘value.’ I want to sell my discs, but to me many of them have far more value than what the local used CD store will offer in buyback. I like the idea that someone on Murfie will give my music a good home, where it will be appreciated, and I still make some cash in the process.” — Tiffany G., Design & Development

“My one thing is access. I had tons of albums I never got around to ripping, so they were just sitting on a shelf. Now, all my music is right there via my browser, and with iOS, in my car, my iPad, and also streamed through my new Sonos.” — Shawn L., Marketing

Your turn. What’s “the one thing” that makes Murfie a tailor-made solution for you?

Squawk! Hawk Your Murfie Shop on Twitter (Squawk!)

This particular how-to is pretty squawking easy. Share your Murfie shop URL on twitter & we’ll retweet you. If you’re not on twitter, well, that’s a [sad face], BUT you can always create an account. It’s free.

In fact, one of the golden rules of making more CD sales on Murfie is plugging your shop on social media. That’s really our biggest piece of advice. Giving a shout-out to your Murfie collection on twitter or facebook—thereby shoving it in front of more eyeballs—can only help you increase sales and attract new customers.

Plus, your old pal Murfie will be there to help. You tweet your shop; Murfie tweets it too. That’s an ironclad guarantee.







Popularity Contest: Murfie Downloads or Streaming?

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not trying to imply that one is objectively better than the other. I’m humbly venturing to gather intel (mind you, informal intel) on music delivery preferences and whether downloading OR streaming is more “popular” as a playback choice on Murfie.

Now, your exact preference is probably a result of many factors (specific to your lifestyle). Here at Murfie, we’d sure lurve if you shared some of those reasons in the comments section. But first, do the easy part — take the poll, please!

2012 Recap: The entire year encapsulated in one humble blog post

Last year Murfie was a roller coaster. This year we’re an airplane. An airplane during takeoff.

We’ve got our engines roaring, our flaps and slats are deployed and we’re entering the climb phase. We expect a few bumps here and there during ascent (we’re a startup, afterall), but we’re happy to be finally off the ground.

Metaphors aside, Murfie has had a truly jam-packed 12 months. In the year 2012, we graduated from TechStars. We were selected to START, the new, invite-only sister event to the acclaimed f.ounders. (Matt and Preston also researched the differences between Irish and Wisconsin beer.) We closed a new round of funding that added Great Oaks Venture Capital to our list of terrific investors.

We launched our music streaming service. We also launched our partnership with Sonos. Meaning, you can now listen to your entire CD collection on your Sonos Wireless HiFi System at home!

We revamped the site offer and design more than once. (Move fast and fix things is our modus operandi.) We tripled our disc inventory from 100k to 300k. We managed to keep our customer satisfaction rating at a cheerful more or less 95%.

We even got some high-level shout outs from the likes of Yahoo! Shopping, Wisconsin Public Radio, CNET and CBS News.

Forward-looking plans include making the browsing experience for our customers screaming fast, stocking a much larger inventory of new albums, launching mobile apps and additional device partnerships and hitting the 1M mark in our disc bank.

I could keep going, but there’s only so much good news a person can take. ;)

Maybe next year we’ll reach cruising altitude?