Curious CDs

Remember this movie? It’s not every day that the King of the Goblins steals your baby half-brother and gives you 13 hours to pass through an obstacle-filled labyrinth to get him back. Well luckily there’s an awesome soundtrack to go with this story, and it’s available on Murfie.


MI0001790600The Facts:

  • This movie stars rocker David Bowie as Jareth, King of the Goblins, and a young Jennifer Connelly as Sarah
  • The soundtrack takes you along for the journey, using a fantasy-based score fused with ’80s electric rock songs
  • Surprisingly, this movie did not do well when it was released in theaters

Maybe folks were a bit reluctant to warm up to this movie at first because it’s out of the ordinary—or maybe they were just scared of Bowie’s extremely tight pants. Ether way, this movie has a huge cult following now, and the soundtrack is an equally quirky collector’s piece.

Curious CDs

Every week, our Operations team keeps track of the most interesting discs that get sent to Murfie. This week’s Curious CD is especially intriguing…and one-of-a-kind. Just look at the album cover!

             Radio Active Cats


The Facts:

  • This is a self-titled album by a band that hails from Burbank, California
  • This album cover is arguably one of the best ones ever
  • Radio Active Cats can definitely be described as having a hard rock/glam metal sound

This album sounds like it could have come straight from the 1970s, but it came out in 1991. There’s really not too much info about this lesser-known gem on the internet—so it’s worth checking out on Murfie! Props to the member who sent this one in.

Curious CDs

This week’s most interesting disc, at a glance, might not seem so out of the ordinary.

30 Greatest Party Songs Ever, Disc 2

(Drew’s Famous)

MI0000305849The Facts:

  • This album has everything from “The Chicken Dance” to “Macarena”, to “Mambo No. 5″—which are indeed the best songs to dance to. (Ever.)
  • At first listen, these songs sound like the originals. But in fact, Drew’s Famous (a.k.a. Drew’s Entertainment) is a record label company from new Jersey that creates sound-alike covers of songs—and you can barely tell the difference!
  • We’re wondering, who is Drew? Does anybody know?

Drew’s Famous cover albums go everywhere, from Halloween Dance Party Favorites and Disco Party Music to Sports Jams Party Music. Quite a few of them are RIAA certified Gold, and even Platinum. How that happened is very curious indeed.

Curious CDs

As you know, we frequently browse our Murfie marketplace for the most interesting discs to spotlight. So far, we’ve had good stuff like Irish Drinking Songs, the 1-2-3’s of playing the Didgeridoo, and all kinds of sound effects. Not gonna lie…we love the sound effects CDs! And we love to surprise each other in the office by playing the track clips of an album like this one:

Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whales

The Facts:41fXhlILyDL

  • You’ll definitely hear a lot of “oOoOooo”s and “mmmuueeerr”s on this one (along with some splashing and whatnot).
  • This album is perfect for those who live far away from the ocean. You could just hop on a raft in someone’s pool and play this baby from your iPod—and voila! Nature.
  • Humpback whales can grow to be 12-16 meters long and weigh 79,000 pounds. Cool!!

Note: Michael Jackson is not on this CD (You’re thinking of the Free Willy Soundtrack!).

Curious CDs

Here’s an album that you don’t see every day…

Didgeridoo Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide, Disc 1

MI0002499933The Facts:

  • This album will make you a didge pro in no time (the world needs more of them, really).
  • You’ll hear all the best practices from this instructor, including, “Fill up your mouth with water, and begin to breathe in and out through your nose in a natural way. As you are doing this, squirt the water out in a thin stream from the center of your mouth at the same time.” Easy-peasy!
  • If one didgeridoo lesson isn’t enough, rest assured that the second half of this album goes through the same lesson plan again—in German!

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument invented by Indigenous Australians, and we think it’s just fab that modern folk can access this real legitimate introduction here via CD. This album would be especially useful if you actually own your own didge…and if you have some strong lungs!

Curious CDs

This week’s most interesting disc, in our opinion, might seem quite ordinary to a baby!

Baby’s First Happy Songs

MI0000323618The Facts:

  • We gave the previews a try, and these songs are indeed classified as “happy”.
  • Interestingly, this album art shows a clown hanging from a helicopter, and the clown seems inexplicably happy about it.
  • The songs are recommended for babies…although balloons are not.

You can find many albums for kids in the Murfie marketplace, and chances are they’ll make them happy too. But we applaud this album curator’s confidence in their song choice!

Curious CDs

This weeks’s most interesting album was discovered in the International genre of our marketplace. Although these songs originate overseas, many folks can relate quite well.

Irish Drinking Songs (Various Artists)

MI0000635172The Facts:

  • This album could be interpreted as musical encouragement for getting sloshed
  • Track names on this classic range from “Beer, Beer, Beer” to “Mountain Dew”,  all the way to “Maloney Wants a Drink”
  • You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy nostalgic feelings evoked from drunkenly singing along with friends

We at Murfie would never condone drinking irresponsibly. We do however approve of loosening up a bit, and doing so while listening to an album like this one ;-)