Curious CDs

Our Operations team is always on the lookout for interesting discs that are sent in from all over the US. This week’s Curious CD has some real flavor!

Crawfish FiestaProfessor Longhair


The Facts:

  • Stating the obvious here—but where is Professor Longhair’s long hair?
  • These bluesy, jazzy, New Orleans-style grooves have been proven to be enjoyable for both humans and crawfish (as seen on the album cover).
  • Longhair’s 1996 compilation album, Fess’ Gumbo, may or may not have been made with these very crawfish. Oy!

The whole “longhair” thing is a bit funny, but this album is seriously great! Just look at those lil’ guys dance!

Curious CDs

This week’s most interesting disc at Murfie is simply wild! (Pardon the pun.)

Sound Effects – Timberwolf in the Tall Pines


The Facts:

  • Playing this album at home might make your dog or cat start to act strange
  • This album features the sounds of lone wolves, wolf packs, and the wolf “environment”
  • No, the werewolves from Twilight were not vocalists on this one

Something to note: If you’re too afraid to go camping because of real wolves, you could always just set up a tent in your livingroom and press play. AaaoooOOOooo!

Curious CDs

Here’s a great genre-bending album for this weeks’s most interesting disc (if you don’t mind a hint of goofiness in your tunes):

Take a Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap – Various Artists

imageThe Facts:

  • This is a collection of well-known rap songs that have been re-invented by bands like Cottonmouth Kings, Everlast, and the always-ridiculous Bloodhound Gang
  • When listening to this album, you should not expect it to be FCC clean
  • Hearing Dynamite Hack sing “Boyz-N-The-Hood” in a nonchalant tone might be the most hilarious thing you’ll ever hear

It’s curious to hear how something sounds coming from a new context. On that note, have you heard of Richard Cheese, the lounge singer who re-makes songs like “Baby Got Back” in a completely new tone? There are a lot of great String Tributes out there too, covering everyone from Linkin Park to Fleetwood Mac. Surely Weird Al approves!

Curious CDs

Here’s what our staffers chose as this week’s most intriguing album. Check out this mashup!

From Bach, the Beatles, and Some Others — Horacio Franco & Victor Flores

142933-largeThe Facts:

  • The Beatles and Bach go hand in hand (…don’t they?)
  • The instruments on this album include an upright bass and a recorder. It’s not your typical combo, but who knows what the future of popular music holds!
  • This album is in limited supply—everything about it makes it a rarity!

The Beatles and Bach have both been re-invented many times, so it actually makes sense that these two are the focus of this album. We’re wondering what the case will be years from now…what combo will everyone be covering?

Curious CDs

There’s one CD that especially stood out to Murfie staffers this week—mostly because the musician responsible for this one is not the type you see everyday…

Bandi Legal — Sweet Micky

The Facts:

Now we’re wondering, when will Obama release his first album? (And will there be some Beyoncé on there?)

Curious CDs

Let’s see, what did our Murfie staffers pick out as the most interesting disc at Murfie this week?

14 Shades of Grey — Staind

MI0000384916 The Facts:

  • Staffers had a debate, and this is in fact NOT a predecessor to the recent best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Instead of passion and lust, themes of angst and deep reflection are more prevalent in this album
  • If 14 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades of Grey provoke such different emotions, it’s still a mystery what all the other shades provoke

This album is loved by many who love rock. I wonder, would it would pair well with a good old fashioned night of reading?

Curious CDs

Alright folks, here’s another Friday installent of this week’s most Curious CD, hand-selected by our extraordinary Ops employees.

This one was not a difficult choice at all…

Shampoohorn — Z

The Facts:

  • This is Frank Zappa’s sons doing an album together, so one could say it’d be out of the ordinary if it wasn’t super weird
  • Some of us can’t deny trying to make a Shampoohorn at least once in the shower
  • The follow-up of this album is called “Music For Pets,” featuring a pic of two doggies with the same hairstyle

There’s no doubt that this is one of the rarest, and weirdest albums out there. Kudos to the Murfiegoer who sent this one in!