Curious CDs

Our Murfie Ops employees see a LOT of CDs come in every day. Some discs are very familiar, and some are a bit… out of the ordinary.

This week, one disc in particular created some extra buzz…

Sounds of North American Frogs: The Biological Significance of Voice in Frogs — Charles M. Bogart

MI0000167757The Facts:

  • The sweet sounds of froggy life compelled two of our Ops employees to order their own copies of this disc
  • While listening to a track preview, one Ops employee’s 5 year old daughter quickly covered her ears thinking the fire alarm had gone off
  • Some frogs bark, seriously

Do our employees have refined taste in what they listen to? Perhaps. Are they just being silly? Perhaps! Either way, this album was their top pick for the most curious album of the week (and they won’t stop croaking about it!).