Less is more

The decluttering vs. wastefulness dilemma

As an aspiring tastemaker, I’d like to name-check a fantastic blog and advance its level of public awareness.  But let’s just be honest…considering it presently places among the top 25 blogs in the world, you may have already jumped on the bandwagon.  If by chance you’re still out of the loop, I take great pleasure in being the one to introduce you to Zen Habits.

Straight from the author’s mouth (Leo Babauta), Zen Habits is about “finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives” and “clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important.”  Leo also authors another blog advocating minimalism called mnmlist, which focuses on how stuff has come to overwhelm us and why less is the answer to today’s culture of consumption.  Murfie too (humbly) trumpets a “less is more” motto, agreeing that we all need to reduce the total material that’s required to serve a function.

Yes indeed, Zen Habits and mnmlist both cover stuff complementary to the business model and vision of Murfie.  One post, in particular, caught my eye.  It basically talks about the path to decluttering and how it can be halted by a certain mental roadblock: “You don’t want to be wasteful. Your gut tells you that getting rid of perfectly good things…is wasteful as hell.”  Fortunately for all you music compact disc owners, you will never have to face the decluttering vs. wastefulness dilemma.  Murfie will gladly come to your rescue…we store your music collection in our warehouse, you retain ownership of every album, we recycle the plastic packaging if you give us the OK, and you have the built-in option of trading your CDs for new ones on our online music marketplace.

I shall leave you now with a quote (borrowed from Leo’s mnmlist quotes) that I think wraps this all up nicely:
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Sayonara, plastic CD packaging!

Bidding a proper farewell to jewel cases

Here at Murfie HQ, we try to do the right, and cool, thing.  In the Murfieland context, that means providing an awesome service for buying, selling, and trading music, AND recycling plastic CD packaging.  Murfie isn’t into this whole plastics recycling thing because we are all (light/dark/bright) green-eyed, bleeding-heart liberal monsters…we recycle because it’s the right thing to do for your music experience as well as U.S. municipal solid waste (MSW) management.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, over half of MSW (54.3%) is discarded into landfills, and 11.9% is burned at combustion facilities.  No matter the shade of your environmental eyes, that’s pretty icky for our planet.  What sort of trash are we disposing in landfills or burning?…well, along with paper, metals, yard trimmings, and glass (etc.), plastics make up 12.3% of total municipal solid waste generation.

And guess what?  Only 7 percent of that plastic waste is recovered for recycling.

A 7% recycling rate is pretty darn low.  Too low, actually.  The only right thing to do is up that rate.  That’s why Murfie makes it our business to always separate out and recycle the plastics that comprise CD packaging.  This ends up being a pretty big job, as we accumulate tons and tons of boxes chock full of jewel cases.  But because Murfie can make anything awesome, we had a bit of fun and put together a time-lapse video depicting what an epic chore unloading plastic CD stuff can be.  Check it out!

P.S. If you want to know more about that whole plastics recycling thing (and much, much more!), the EPA has put out a great facts and figures report on MSW generation, recycling, and disposal.