Shout-out from Badger Herald, shout-out to FLAC!

Appeasing audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike

The Badger Herald just published a great article on Murfie describing our green, cheap, and legit way to exchange CDs for more music.  In general, they interpret the Murfie business model and vision quite well.  I especially dug how they communicated that “while single-track downloads aren’t available, Murfie users can get entire albums for about the price of a single song on iTunes without the potential for torrent-fueled free music guilt.”  Admit it, a very small part of you feels (or would feel) sheepish downloading music illegally.  Or maybe not…

The point is, music sold on is a great value.  And it’s legit.  And it’s green.  And The Badger Herald did an awesome job making this all plain.  There is one thing I wanted to respond to, though, and that’s the article’s mention that “hardcore, snobbish audiophiles might scoff at owning music in exclusively digital formats.”  Believe it or not, Murfie has the goods to satisfy these picky audiophile-types.  On, music is available for download in MP3…and FLAC – a lossless file format.  Audio compressed in FLAC exactly preserves the fidelity of the original CD, providing comfort to aforementioned audiophiles that they are listening to music at a level of quality close to the original performance’s.  Maybe it is possible to have it all?

Murfie’s origin story

Why Murfie is Murfie

Q: What’s up with your name?!  Does Murfie mean anything?
That’s a good question.  And the answer is actually quite relevant to our business model and vision.  Murfie comes from the acronym MRF, which stands for materials recycling facility and is pronounced “murf” – so it wasn’t rocket science to add those last two letters to MRF and make it sound awesome.

Now, what’s so significant about a materials recycling facility?  And is Murfie anything like a MRF?  Well, you can in fact think of Murfie as a specialized plant that receives, separates, and processes recyclable materials, which in our case is your collection of discs.  Like a MRF, Murfie does indeed receive materials (CDs!) that can be sorted and prepared for end-users ( customers!).  Our treatment goes a bit like this:
1) We capture the value of physical CDs by taking your discs and turning them into digital music upon request,
2) while shedding the unwanted plastic packaging (and of course, recycling those materials)
3) and then we create and deliver value by providing an online selling, trading, and buying community that is both fun and hassle-free.

As you can see, Murfie’s mission is to contribute to the dematerialization movement – reduce the total material that’s required to serve a function.  So is less more?  Well, by freeing your home of physical clutter and turning those CDs into digital media, as well as recycling all other unnecessary materials, certainly does more with less.

Taking out our art supplies

Why should you go Murfie?

Every successful startup has a great answer to the big WHY question.  Why is your company launching?  Why is your product or service cool?  Why is it desirable or useful or better than the rest in your market?

Murfie has a pretty solid but simple answer to this.  Fact is, is awesome.  That’s what our website header says, and that’s how our team feels about our new way to buy, sell, and trade music.  Now that may seem slightly presumptuous of us to claim (although give us some credit – a disclaimer is included admitting lack of scientific proof), but allow me to elaborate.  If I may, I’d like to present some evidence to back up our assertion of awesomeness.   A rigorous scientific study is still pending, but sometimes a framework that is a bit more, shall we say, elementary gets the point across more effectively and proves your point quicker too.

I’m going to go a little old-school here.  Remember when in grade school your teacher assigned you the feel-good project of spelling out your name vertically with complimentary or self-congratulatory (depending on how modest you felt that day) descriptors for each letter?  If you missed out on the (intended to be) exploratory and enlightening exercise, no problem!  I took the liberty of devising one for Murfie, in order to corroborate our claim of awesomeness.  So without further ado, here is our version.

MORE.  Murfie is a more convenient and accessible way to buy, sell, and trade more music, which makes finding or sharing used music more fun.
SERS.  Murfie is user friendly, and we do our best to make our buying, selling, and trading service easy to use for everyone.
ESPECTFUL.  Murfie respects the rights of artists and creators, and we respect your property too.  Give Murfie a try, but if you don’t love selling or trading on Murfie, we’ll ship your discs back to you at no cost.
FRIENDLY.  Murfie is a team of friendly people working to make your experience user-friendly and our business environmentally friendly.  Murfie limits waste by recycling plastic CD packaging: free up space in your home and prevent improper recycling of sleeves and jewel cases by letting Murfie turn your CDs into digital music!
NDIVIDUAL.  Murfie is what YOU make it.  Go Murfie and make the experience your own by searching, trading, buying, OR selling old music.
ASY.  Check out this video to see how easy it is to get your CDs onto our site and sell them for cash or have fun trading.

Bottom line, Murfie is an online selling, trading, and buying community for music lovers.  Check out to see if you agree with my grade-school project…perhaps a few reasons are left to be discovered.

Disc Drive for Charity at Madison Holiday Happy Hour

Got Discs? Sell & trade them on Murfie and help Goodman Community Center!

Box of compact discsIf you have music on compact discs you don’t play anymore Murfie will donate $1 to the center for every 10 music CDs you bring to the event for us to list on We’re donating to charity on your behalf, but your discs still belong to you, we just load them into a new account for you to sell and trade for cash and new music. We offer a variety of delivery formats for new music you buy or trade for on Murfie.

We’ll collect an email address along with your discs and contact you after we list them. Murfie is currently in private beta so we’ll send you an invite after the event – but you can watch this video or read more about how works today. Key point is that it is risk free, if you don’t love selling or trading on Murfie, we’ll ship your discs back to you on request free of charge.

Murfie Disc Drive DropoffSo turn music collecting dust into cash & music you love while helping the Goodman Center. Bring that box or caselogic folder full of discs from the attic, closet, or shelf where they’re hiding and come enjoy a drink at‘s Holiday Happy Hour fundraiser. It’s on Wednesday, Dec 15, between 5 and 7:30*

Update: you can also drop discs off earlier that day at our offices in downtown Madison: 1 South Pinckney St, Suite 818 in the US Bank building

Intern as a developer for Murfie

(if you are awesome :)

We’re looking for a highly talented software development intern to fill an immediate opening for a half-time paid position with our development team. We’re a locally owned and operated startup in Madison, WI launching an online venture: It’s built around a novel way to buy, sell, and trade music and used CDs. We’re approaching launch of our beta and would like to add an up and coming developer of entrepreneurial bent who’s looking for a great experience: contributing to a small technology startup through its launch and initial growth.

You would work directly with our lead developer as part of the team operating out of our offices on the Capitol square in Madison, as well as performing coordinated work with our local development company Bendyworks and designers Swink as well as other partners as required.

Murfie is a results oriented environment with high expectations; this will be a very challenging position in the kind of job where failure is a very real possibility and where success offers excellent opportunities for professional growth and portfolio building work. There is tangible upside as well, we’ll pay you a good bit more over time if you’re blowing our minds. Your commitment is simple: contribute materially to making our product more awesome. Our commitment will be to offer awesome professional opportunities and a great local work environment.

You are: Smarter than the other kids or willing to work twice as hard. Either early in your professional arc as a software developer or still a student. Totally fearless about programming, new technology, and new frameworks. Happy arguing about user experience and happy to win the argument by building an example of your side of it overnight. Planning to be in Madison for a year if you take the position. Not more than 1-2 years from expected graduation if still a student. Available for most of 20 hours a week for the next year, where you will be developing solo and pairing with others at our office. Not planning to go find yourself on a mountaintop any time soon. Strong programming and web development skills are a must.

We are: Matt Younkle and Preston Austin are the founders – local entrepreneurs with a lot of history behind us and a diverse set of connections to fund and execute this project. We’re moving fast because that’s what startups do. Development is currently managed by Philip Crawford as tech lead, also a local and experienced entrepreneur.

Details: Working in Rails, so you have to be interested in doing that, but we don’t care if you’ve ever even seen it so long as you have the chops. Development is currently coordinated using Pivotal Tracker and Basecamp. Code management is Github. We’re deploying initially on Heroku using S3 storage and Postgres DB. Our site will do extensive ecommerce with internal accounting and microtransactions via our merchant services provider Braintree. On the back-end, Murfie will operate via a novel proprietary inventory management system that you don’t get to know about until after you learn the secret handshake. You’ll work on your own laptop, or one we provide for your use.

Interested? Contact Preston Austin at with something showing how you develop, write, and why you really want the job along with any questions about stuff I missed here.

A better way to buy, sell, and trade music

About – A better way to buy, sell, and trade music

This is your basic startup blog, a little narrative from behind our curtain.

Murfie goes beyond the local or online media store by offering a selling, trading, and buying community where music lovers acquire music they want via purchase or trade for existing CDs of other members. Our customers are able to take delivery of music in the form of those CDs or the digital files that most now prefer.

Shoppers can simply buy digital music or CDs to add to their personal collection at competitive prices. Folks wanting more can join and have fun trading CDs they’ve outgrown for music they want, or painlessly sell old and used CDs for cash or store credit.  In a very rapidly growing online digital media market, our solution to the hassles of selling real properties and offering a true-ownership alternative to arbitrary licenses and format restrictions make a powerful combination.

Have a box of CDs in your closet? Sign up to get notified as we open up our beta.