Walk on the Wild Side Collection

Yesterday music fans and musicians alike expressed grief for the loss of Lou Reed, and gratitude for his huge influence in music. In honor of Lou, we’ve crafted a collection of albums that highlight his solo career and his years as singer and guitarist of The Velvet Underground.

Walk on the Wild Side

Check out Lou Reed’s biography on his Wikipedia page.

Henry Mackaman


Usually the fare on our blog is light and fun. With much sadness in our hearts, this is neither one of those posts nor one of those weeks.

Our co-worker and friend Henry Mackaman succumbed yesterday to meningitis. He fought hard and nobly. His family and friends were there at his bedside when he left us. He will be terribly missed. No one here at Murfie was surprised with his generosity in being an organ donor, and Henry’s untimely death may provide up to 54 other people with the chance for a better life of their own.

As our blog readers know, Henry was a contributor here, penning, stellarly, our fledgling “This Week in Music History” column. It was great.

In addition to his many other skills and talents, Henry was a musician and played guitar in his band Phantom Vibration. Take a listen to the track Sapience, which Henry wrote. It oddly seems to fit the mood at Murfie HQ – and everywhere else where people who loved Henry are mourning.

Henry had a huge, bright smile, and a genuinely happy personality. Everybody loved being around him. One of our managers shared, “I’ll never forget meeting this quirky kid for the first time in his interview. He came in with his long board, sweating after skating up State Street.”

Our friend had a great mind, and a kind heart, and no one will ever forget him.

Rest in Peace, Henry.

Update: If you’d like to make a donation in tribute to Henry to St. Paul Central High School Music Boosters, The Henry Mackaman Scholarship at the University of Wisconsin Foundation, and/or Minnesota Public Radio “The Current”, please follow this link: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/henrymackaman

Caffeinating “The Shawns”

Coffee break time! Here’s some food for thought, courtesy of Murfie COO Preston Austin.

Optimal return on Murfie’s executive payroll is achieved via reducing activation barriers to consumption of socially sanctioned performance enhancing drugs.

Erhm, say that again?! In the meantime, here’s something a bit more straightforward—a photo.

Murfie’s Shawn Broderick (customer development) and Shawn Lockyear (marketing), aka The Shawns, fuel up on coffee at Graze in Madison, WI.

Shawn L (left) and Shawn B @ Graze

Most Talented Staff Ever? (Chapter 1)

This is me bragging about the Murfie team. We’ve got a whole bunch of not-so-hidden talent in our ops staffers (the folks who receive your kits and process all your CDs, makin’ the Murfie magic happen). Most of our ops-ters play music, sing, song write, and/or produce. No joke! So let’s meet a few of these Murfie musicians today…

ALEX – Aside from the occasional jam session, most of my time performing is with Fundamentally Sound, one of the all-male a cappella groups from UW-Madison.

BRIAN – I’m a composer, cellist, electronic musician, and Chinese string instrumentalist who is creating music in Madison with Lovely Socialite, Watercourse Q4, and the Brothers Grimm. After studying Chinese music in Hong Kong and receiving my Bachelors of Music Theory & Composition, I’ve found a niche composing and performing live scores for dance and theater. Lovely Socialite’s new album Registers Her Delight is now for sale on Murfie, and the Brothers Grimm forthcoming album Redolent Spires will be available later this month!

LEAH – Music is a big part of my life in general, but in particular, I happen to play the piano and the flute. I’m mostly trained in classical music, but I’ve played some jazz and popular stuff, and love to play pretty much anything. I’m currently finishing up my music degree, and might start teaching piano lessons in the future. I also work as an accompanist for local events, and have a lot of fun playing gigs for retirement homes and with community musical pits.

JON – I’ve spent over 15 years cultivating skills as a musician, recording engineer, and producer. I’ve written songs that have been performed on stages from Oriental, North Carolina, to Olympia Stadium in Berlin, Germany (performing as part of the World Culture Festival). I’ve also used my music and engineering background to help out numerous non-profit organizations in Madison.

HENRY – I’m in a radical band called Phantom Vibration, and we play chilled out pop songs. We’re based in Saint Paul, and our catalog consists of two self-recorded EPs. We’ll be releasing a third in a few weeks! We’ll be touring the midwest and east coast this summer, so good times are ahead!

Meet our new lead developer!

Please join me in welcoming Jason to the Murfie Dev Team. Now, stand up and applaud his killer speech! (It’s actually a Q&A, but hey!)

Name: Jason J. Gullickson.

Nickname: Mr. Black.

Why I joined Murfie: I saw it as a way to combine my love of music, software development, and innovation with the added benefit of working with some of the smartest and most interesting people I know.

What I do at Murfie: I’m responsible for the software we write to make Murfie work. Right now, I’m focusing on making that software work faster and better as well as looking forward to what technology we will be offering to our members next.

What I do best: Make Things Work.

My favorite coding jujitsu move is: I’ve gotten myself out of some tight corners using “reflection,” but of course the best move is to avoid the corner in the first place.

The music I play the most: By sheer play count it’s got to be either Bach’s The Musical Offering or Metallica’s …And Justice for All, but lately Baba Brinkman and Professor Elemental have both been getting pretty heavy rotation…

The music format I dig the best: Live of course! But of the recorded mediums, I love the lossless digital formats we have now (although I’ll always have a soft spot for listening to Martin Denny or Juan Esquivel on a classic Marantz hi-fi).

What makes Murfie so rad: Murfie delivers on the radical idea that you can own a recording, and that music can be bought and sold online with the simplicity of physical media but with all the convenience of electronic delivery.

Snapshots outta Murfieland

(that my Facebook Timeline won’t get to capture ;)

I gots some neat photos of Murfie life to share with y’all. But first: I have something (kinda rando) to say.

You know what? I’m not really sure how I feel about Facebook Timeline. (That BIG profile page redesign that’ll transform your profile into a virtual scrapbook of photos, videos, status updates, and locations you’ve visited – making your information more visible and easier to access.) Maybe it’s because it feels a little too One Hour Photo to me. Or maybe it’s that I prefer to be shrouded in some mystery, even to my friends/FB “friends”. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to be a total slave to the idea of social sharing (and no, I’m not an “old person” – born and bred in the 80s).

It all just seems a tad creepy. <– I give you full permission to disagree with me on this statement.

Anywho…[Pause]…I won’t be sharing the aforementioned photos on my Facebook profile. (You won’t get me this time, Facebook Timeline!) I’d rather share the snapshots here. Or on Murfie’s Facebook page. *wink face* *wink face*