The Murf-pack grows

Love is all around

You know when something just feels right? You feel it in your bones. You feel it in your fingers, you feel it in your toes. That’s exactly how I feel about making a Murf-wolf today. Everything is just right. There’s nothing good on TV. Conditions are perfect. It’s business time. (Please tell me that someone got the Flight of the Conchords‘ shout-out?!)

Because I’m so intense, I whipped up a new Murf-pack member in record time. So far, this guy’s gotta be my favorite. He’s so huggable, isn’t he? Let’s hope he fares well with the rest of his pack mates (in particular, this gentleman). Oh, come now, it’s easy peasy to make friends in the Murf-pack…kill ’em with kindness, as they say.

P.S. – the Murf-pack is always looking for new recruits!

Mr. Murf-wolf #2

Say hello to another Murf-pack member

As promised, I’m tickled pink to introduce you to a second Murf-wolf that runs with our pack. I’m also delighted to say he doesn’t look as smarmy as the last Mr. In fact, I’d say this particular pack member looks rather happy-hearted – granted a bit canine. You like?

If it pleases you, head on over to facebook and add your own illustration of a Murf-pack member to our “Murf-pack” album (I know – how original). All shapes and sizes welcome. No biters, though.

Hi, we’re the Murf-pack

Introducing a new species, the Murf-wolf

Inspired (emboldened?) by the warmly received debut of my MS Paint artistry a few weeks back, I thought I’d have another go at it. And this time, it’s pretty much the dorkiest thing I’ve ever done. Creating a part wolf, part CD Murf-wolf. Your immediate reaction = Wait, what?

Let me backpedal a bit. As you know [if you follow our facebook or twitter page], I’m fond of the term Murf-pack to describe the Murfie community.
-What are Murf-pack members called?
Murf-wolves, of course!
-And what do they look like?
Part wolf, part CD. Duh.

As you can see, my first attempt at a Murf-wolf looks rather sly and roguish (oh well, you can’t win ’em all). Next time, I’ll make sure to introduce a congenial-looking pack member. At any rate, I’ve already added the illustration to an oh-so creatively titled facebook album [check it out to find out]. Do you want IN on the fun? Ok, I formally invite you to head on over to facebook and add your own artwork. It’d be the cool thing to do. No peer pressure, though.

Who wears the cat’s pajamas?

Get to know the Murfie team, round 3

It’s that time again…to pry into the private affairs of Murfie pajama wearers. Some call it invasion of privacy, I call it asking questions. And giving people a voice…because gosh darn it, the people who work here know how to talk! William Shakespeare may say “Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice,” but I say all Murf-pack members get the power of speech. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to [my party people…thanks J.Lo]:

Current location/hiding place of CD collection:
Murfie, of course!
Most embarrassing album I’ve bought: Rocked out to Spice Girls with my brothers back in the day…
The greenest thing I do: Delivered 944 pounds of jewel cases to Waste Management.
Physical media item that shouldn’t go all digital: Newspapers.
It’s a waste of time, but I still do this: Check Facebook.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get in a new kit in the ops room.

Current location/hiding place of CD collection:
What CD collection?
Most embarrassing album I’ve bought: Brandy.
The greenest thing I do: Live with a roommate who’s on “energy patrol” 24 hours a day. We live in darkness.
Physical media item that shouldn’t go all digital: Calendars. I prefer my wall-size, handwritten, chalkboard calendar. None of this Google Calendar business for me.
It’s a waste of time, but I still do this: Schedule my Sundays around The Real Housewives of New Jersey…
Complete the sentence: Murfie isthe proud, nerdy, geeky side of me that few people see.

Current location/hiding place of CD collection: Stacked in precarious piles on my stereo back home – they should really be at Murfie!
Most embarrassing album I’ve bought: Come On Over by Shania Twain.
The greenest thing I do: Among other “green” quirks of mine, I try really hard to avoid disposable bags or excess packaging…my friends laugh at me, because I do things like refusing the paper bag at Chipotle and sticking the foil-wrapped burrito right into my purse, or insisting I don’t need the plastic bags that stores offer me at check-out, even though it’s often a Tetris-style challenge to make everything fit into whatever bag I have with me…
Physical media item that shouldn’t go all digital: I think handwritten letters are so awesome to write and receive, and I hope that they aren’t ever completely phased out by technology.
It’s a waste of time, but I still do this: I’m a sucker for those dumb filler news stories and articles on the Yahoo homepage that I see on my way to checking my email, and I especially will drop whatever I’m doing to watch whatever viral cute animal or baby video they’re featuring.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…such an innovative way to gain cheap access to new music – and it’s so interesting to browse everyone’s collections!

Where the cool people at?

Get to know the Murfie team, round 2

The people here at Murfie HQ are pretty cool. Prove it, you must be yelling at your computer screen. Well, I’ve already yanked the iron curtain away from our executive team, presenting to you all a Q&A session with our key players. Not enough evidence? I agree. To further corroborate my claim, I must harvest information from additional victims, er Murfie team members. Anddd, mission accomplished, here’s a window into more Murfie souls:

Current location/hiding place of CD collection: Bottom of the bookshelf.
Favorite album(s): White Album by The Beatles; Enter the 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang Clan; Sly and the Family Stone’s Greatest Hits; Sunshine Hit Me by Band of Bees; Robots & Dinosaurs by Kokayi.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: Vinyl.
What’s so great about Madison? Unusually high creativity per capita.
Must follow news blog:
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…like a swap meet in the parking lot of a used CD store where the owners know a lot about computers.

Current location/hiding place of CD collection: er…in big plastic tubs under a table waiting to be put into their special murfie kit.
Favorite album(s): so, so many…i grew up listening to anything from the motown or atlantic labels in the 60s and 70s, but got a good dose of johnny cash and leonard cohen from the bike shop where i worked as a teenager. now, i can get down to a lot of things from cut chemist to lyle lovett to the black keys.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: digital, baby!
What’s so great about Madison? beautiful summers with plenty of great biking right outside of town.
Must follow news blog:
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…addicting!

Current location/hiding place of CD collection: Why, of course!
Favorite album(s): And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid; Dirty South Dance by DJ A-Trak; Swagger by Flogging Molly.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: Depends on how nostalgic I’m feeling, but nothing beats live!
What’s so great about Madison? The people. Being from LA, that Midwest friendliness can’t be beat.
Must follow news blog: NY Times, sprinkled with a little Huffington Post and The Guardian for a non-US take.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everyday I come to work and see a cool album that I want to own. It’s like digging through some digital crates.

Wild cards

Get to know the Murfie team, round 1

A product or service is only as cool as the people behind it.  What makes Murfie go?  Good ideas and hard work – both generated by (surprise, surprise!) people.  So who makes Murfie go?  A team of smart, lively, Midwestern (yes, they can all coexist) entrepreneurs and techies who happen to like music and the possibilities of combining community and digital media.

Now, let’s take out Murfie’s deck of cards (metaphor alert! cards=people) and learn a little bit more about who really helps make Murfie tick (i.e. Murfie’s executive team players):

Role at Murfie: The guy with the crazy ideas who’s crazy enough to chase after them and somehow convince really smart people to help out.
15-words-or-less professional bio: Serial entrepreneur, electrical engineer, software developer, beer tap inventor, patent holder, and startup community supporter.
Current location/hiding place of CD collection: Murfie, of course!
Favorite album(s): Sympathique by Pink Martini; Mozart Concertos 23 & 27 with Brendel on Piano; Black and White by The Bodeans.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: LOSSLESS digital.
What makes Madison great? We’re the city of friendly creatives. We work hard, play hard, and have the IQ without the attitude.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…not just another online music experience. If you truly want to OWN your music, Murfie is the only way to go.

Role at Murfie: The world may never know. However, it seems to have something to do with figuring things out. Then tidying up the kitchen. Then figuring them out again. Then building a chair. Then figuring them out again. Then ordering some keys. Then figuring them out again. Then eating a…
15-words-or-less professional bio: Preston is one cool guy. He’s also some sort of Internet and social systems guru. (is the conjunction cheating?)
Current location/hiding place of CD collection: In the extremely dusty shoebox that originally held a very nice pair of men’s dress shoes that are still with us, on the shelf next to the box (from New Balance running shoes, lost to history) of toys I keep for cats and children to play with.
Favorite album(s): Play by Moby; Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads; No Angel by Dido; Falling Further In by October Project; Broken by Nine Inch Nails; Run Lola Run soundtrack by Tykwer; Johnny Klimek; Reinhold Heil.
Vinyl, disc, or digital: Live.
What makes Madison great? I do. You can too. There’s room for more than just us.
Complete the sentence: Murfie is…seriously kicking my ass right now, but I think I’ll get the upper hand soon and wrestle it to the ground. It’s also loads of fun to work on a music site. Music is awesome. I mean, really, what’s not to love about trading cool music???

Man of mystery/actual wild card…for now…