The Easy Breezy Art of Music Discovery

Today, I got a special video treat in my inbox. An acoustic cover of “Skinny Love” by indie folk band Bon Iver. (An aside. The city of Eau Claire must be so proud. Ahem ahem, FOUR Grammy nominations for Wisconsin native Justin Vernon and the rest of the super-talented gang. Four nominations! More than Lady Gaga [3]!) Wait, where was I? Got a bit off track. Oh yes, an acoustic cover of “Skinny Love” arrived in my inbox today…from Melissa Faulkner, a Murfie staffer who also happens to have a purdy voice. See for yourself…

YAY, Melissa! (AND Kris Roug!)

Honestly, you guys, it’s ridiculous how easy YouTube has made finding new music and artists. There’s so much untapped talent, and it’s pretty darn fun finding the next big thing first (who doesn’t like being ahead of the curve?!). I, myself, have freely trolled YouTube and other video-sharing sites for homemade music videos. I’m betting y’all have too. So, tell me – who’s the greatest, unsigned musician out there?