Throwback Thursday, Vol. 1

Oh boy, it’s Thursday. And that means one thing, and one thing only…Throwback Thursday. The day we celebrate music of a bygone era. So sit back, relax and enjoy an album playlist created by a few of my fellow Murfie staffers.

Surfer Rosa – Pixies (Jeff)

War – U2 (Philip)

Eve 6 – Eve 6 (Jon)

3 Feet High and Rising – De La Soul (Will)

Closing Time – Tom Waits (Alyssa)

Valentine’s Day: Light vs. Dark Music

Ah yes, the hoopla and ceremony of St. Valentine’s Day. (Wait, that’s today?) I’m just itching to include some sort of wry remark here, but let’s face it, it’s just too easy, and overdone, to hate on lil ole Cupid. So let’s skip that part, and fast forward to the part where we talk about your music playlist for today. Allow me to suggest a few records. Some are light and bright, some dark and dusky; take your pick depending on how you’re feelin’ today. (That is, are you in a lovely mood or moody love?)

If you dig one of the albums, don’t thank me…thank the fine folks at Murfie for their expertise.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (Jason)

The Essential Floyd Cramer (Philip)

You Think It’s Like This but Really It’s Like This (Eileen)

Blood on the Tracks (Steve)

She Wants Revenge (Will)

Last Wave Rockers (Keith)

Abbey Road (Tom)

These Hopeful Machines (Evan)

Albums For Every Relationship Status

Recently the Operations Manager at Murfie reminded everyone of the upcoming holiday known as Black Tuesday Valentine’s Day. I had managed to suppress any thought of this holiday and was pretty content with living an illusion. But now, like a beacon of light, was an email, allowing all those who were hitched or tied up to receive the day off, in honor of Valentine’s Day and in an effort to avoid any “fighting.”

At first, this seemed like a thoughtful and awesome gesture. Significant Others all over the Ops Room must be rejoicing! And then I realized, I have no signif other, nor am I a signif other. Hold up, hold up, hold up. That means that all SINGLE Ops staffers will be scheduled to work together on Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine what the vibe in that room is going to be like? Red flag.

I immediately sent out an email to all my co-workers. Who wants to date me so we can get the day off?

Rate of response: 0

At least it made for a kind of funny blog post…?

Here’s a variety of albums for every type of relationship status you may have this Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single – stop by Murfie HQ on February 14th. Us single Opsters will be dressed in black. Wine and heart-shaped pizza will be provided.

Newly “Single”
Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight
Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
Puddle of Mudd – Come Clean

Wanting to be in a Relationship
Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar

In a Relationship, but you “don’t believe in being Facebook Official”
Usher – Confessions

In a Relationship
A’ight Murfie-ites, this is your challenge. Share an album that you think does a good job of characterizing “In a Relationship.” Because I sure as hell couldn’t come up with one. I wanted to go with something feminine and carefree, but female albums these days sound more like “You don’t need relationships, you don’t need a man, yeah single ladies!” So please, suggestions welcome. In the comments section below.

It’s Complicated
John Mayer – Battle Studies

In a Domestic Partnership
Juno – The Soundtrack

Colbie Caillat – Coco

In an Open Relationship
Ke$ha – Animal

Phil Vassar – Phil Vassar

Whatcha thankful for?

Music that makes us say “thanks”

Oh boy, am I counting down the days until Turkey Day. In fact, I’ve already got my stretchy pants laid out. But you know what? What’s more important than stuffing yourself with stuffing and turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie (yum-yum!) is taking a moment to give thanks to what matters in life. For lots of us, that includes music. So, let’s say thanks to the albums that make us happy or pensive or exhilarated or [insert the mood of your choice].

Bon Iver by Bon Iver. It’s the only album that I can honestly say I am grateful for. It speaks to me!” – Melissa

“I am most thankful for Tri-Polar by Sick Puppies” – Evan

Citizen Cope by Citizen Cope. Clarence Greenwood has an amazing ability to blend soulful melodies with powerful lyrics. It puts me in a very reflective mood, which is always appropriate for the holidays” – Jon

England Keep My Bones by Frank Turner. His latest album puts his lyrical genius on display once again with each song speaking to something important to him that’s easy to relate to. Many of the tracks, like “Wessex Boy” and “Rivers,” speak to the idea of pride in one’s home and traditions, making the record perfect for the Thanksgiving season” – Jim

Tell us, what album are you most thankful for? We’ll tweet it (provided, you provide your twitter handle)!

Staff Picks: High Speed

You guys, just imagine if you were a stunt driver or getaway driver (à la Driver in the film Drive)? What a spectacularly high-speed, devil-may-care lifestyle! Thrills, no frills. The need, the need for speed would be in your blood…but you’d also need an adrenaline rush. So, to get that adrenaline going, what kind of tunes would you play on the job? Murfie staffers share their suggestions. (Btw, Drive has an awesome soundtrack, full of retro synth, electro tones. It’s my suggestion.)

Alive 2007 by Daft Punk. This is a classic case of the title speaks for the whole. Judge this album by its cover; it makes you feel alive. That Daft Punk style we all love surges throughout this entire live performance as a wave of improvisation and mixing” – Zach

“There’s no doubt I’d be blaring the album Raw Power by Iggy & The Stooges as I attempted an airborne barrel roll through a ring of fire. The first two tracks, “Search and Destroy” and “Gimme Danger,” are enough to push even the most cowardly soul to the extreme!” – Jim

“I would have The Budos Band III blasting constantly! The combination of driving horns and pounding grooves creates a sound reminiscent of a theme to a 70s cop show: before you know it, you’ll be itching for a perm, some aviator sunglasses, and a handlebar mustache. Starsky and Hutch aside, let’s look at the facts. These guys are on New York based Daptone Records (a perfect fit), making them label-mates with the one and only Sharon Jones. The Motown hit machines of old are long gone, but Daptone stays true to form, keeping funk and soul alive and well in the age of Katy Perry and Glee (I’m not hatin’, just statin’). It’s almost as if The Budos Band emerged from a time capsule from 1974, bringing some vintage mojo with them. So, if you ever find yourself in a high-speed car chase, put on a fake mustache and blast The Budos Band III” – Henry

Staff Picks: The Dark Side

We’ve just experienced the passing of another All Hallows’ Eve. In solemn commemoration, I’ve asked a few Murfie staffers to share their go-to album for gloom and doom. Enjoy the BOOtiful music.

Fevers and Mirrors is classic Bright Eyes: good music for those who want to feel bad” – Andrew

Fevers and Mirrors not only puts you into a pensive state, but also drives you deep into the uncertainties of your own thoughts. It’s as dark as the abyssal plain” – Zach

Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket. A dark album name with searing tracks to match, Jim James and company remind listeners why rock and roll is anything but dead” – Daniel

“Although the spookiest time of year has already come and gone, it’s never too late to turn to the dark side! Like the classic Black Sabbath compilation We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll. This album has pretty much every Sabbath song one could ever want, all in one convenient package.

Although Black Sabbath’s gothic edge was originally a gimmick to salvage their failing bluesy bar-rock act, the change resulted in a dark style and a gigantic sound that would inspire many bands to come. Guitarist Tony Iommi’s giant crunchy tone is a product of clever panning, wherein two takes are panned completely left and right (“Paranoid” and “War Pigs”). This technique creates a black wave of sound which is guaranteed to get any rocker grooving. Although I can talk guitars all day, let’s not forget our good friend Ozzy! Aside from having one of the most sinister voices in rock history, the Ozzman is known for being one of the most disgusting performers of all time. Besting Alice Cooper’s rumored biting the head off a chicken, Ozzy ate the head off a bat. Gimmicks aside, the man (and the band) mean business – so be sure to check out this album, an essential for any classic rock connoisseur.

Btw, if you’re interested in the Alice Cooper chicken incident, check out this video wherein Cooper describes the situation for himself” – Henry