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Fresh news straight outta Murfieland

My sincerest apologies to all of you for not dropping a line here lately. Though simply.not.acceptable, I do have a pretty good reason. This was the holdup. Excuses, excuses – I owe everyone some scoop on what’s going down at Murfie HQ. So here ya go…

Fresh content. Thanks to our members, our collection of music is big. We double-dog-dare you to search our Shop – and see if you can’t find something you dig. We’re betting you will. So confident that we might even throw down a triple-dog-dare next time we meet.

Smart search. We tweaked our site’s search engine. It’ll now help you find what you want. Give it a go! Start typing a word into the search box, and see a list of possible matches drop down. Whoa, is it magic?!

$1 digital delivery. Downloading music you’ve purchased or traded for on Murfie is as easy as pie, if you follow this set of instructions:
– choose your digital format (mp3, flac, alac, or aac)
– spend $1
– sit back and relax while your download bakes
– we’ll shoot you an email once it’s cool and ready to go

Retail copy. When shopping on Murfie, you now have the option to purchase a retail copy of any album listed. Don’t be hasty, though – keep in mind that member copies are almost always a better buy. True fact.