Announcing our new Murfie iOS App!

iPod—ever heard of it?
iPhone? No?
iPad—what’s that?

Just kidding! We know there are many Murfie members out there who are Apple peeps.

Well, the day has arrived, the day—has—arrived

our Murfie iOS App is here!

That’s right, now you can stream your Murfie collection from your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device, using our new, super specially-designed streaming application!

The app is brand spankin’ new and not fully indexed in Apple’s search bar. But ssssh, we like you…so you can follow this secret link to start using the app:

Soon you’ll be streaming like a pro! Yes, we are encouraging you to go nuts here. This is our first app, specifically for streaming your Murfie collection, and we have big plans for more features.

Give us a good rating, won’t ya? ;-)

[UPDATE: Tell us what ya like! Tell us what ya don’t like! E-mail us at]