Sonos PLAY:1 + Murfie

Our co-founder Preston and his wife Julie recently tried out the Sonos PLAY:1 with their Murfie collection, and they (and their cat Tonka) just love it! (Really—he just won’t shut up about it!)

We decided to create a package deal so that more people can experience the awesomeness of Murfie with Sonos. We’re giving you the best price available for this amazing piece of home listening equipment, and a rockin’ Murfie starter package to go with it. It’s the perfect holiday gift for yourself, or for a friend who you want to introduce to the awesomeness!

Here are the sweet details about our Sonos: Play 1+ Murfie package*, with an updated price (we’re sorry—the price we mentioned earlier today was incorrect). This is only available for a limited time!


*Update (5/6/14): This offer no longer comes with a free Sonos Bridge. Email if you would like to add a Bridge to your Sonos PLAY:1 + Murfie package.