Meet Brandon: Murfie’s New Help Desk Manager!

This is Kayla writing this post! This month marks my fourth year at Murfie. First of all—wow, that’s exciting! Secondly—wow, things have really changed!

I began working in Operations, ripping discs and handling downloads. My previous experience in radio made me fit to create and host the Murfie Podcast. From there, I started doing more social media and PR for the company. And naturally, that’s where my role took off. I had been running the Murfie Help Desk too, but now it’s time to hand off that role to a qualified candidate, so that I can zero in on the social side of things.

And that qualified candidate is without a doubt Brandon. I went to the higher-ups with confidence that Brandon cared about the individual needs of members enough to be a great person for the job. However….can he really fill MY shoes? I had to ask him a few questions to put him on the spot. :)

K: Tell everyone a bit about yourself!

B: I am 21 years old and was born in Madison, WI. I’ve lived in Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. before moving back here. My hobbies include playing guitar and saxophone, painting, and enjoying video games. My favorite place to travel is the woods of British Columbia—so serene! My favorite music is electronic, classical, classic rock, and indie.

K: What do you like about working at Murfie?

B: For me, the best part about working at Murfie is discovering new music! I’ve come across LOADS of albums, either through co-workers or just browsing members’ shops, that have greatly broadened my horizons musically.

K: Why are you a good fit to run our Help Desk?

B: I’m a good fit to run our help desk because I specialize in Operations, which means I can facilitate the problem-solving process. Plus, I truly care about the needs of our members….I love the site as much as they do!

K: So, do you think you can fill my shoes? 

B: Yes! You have shown me the ropes, and I’m ready to help our members get the very best in customer support!

Brandon is ready to help with all your Murfie needs—contact him through our Help Desk and say hello! :) 

We Bid Adieu to TechStars – Demo Day

We made it! Demo Day on May 3rd marked the end of the TechStars Boston program. It was the chance of a lifetime to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists.

Heading into TechStars Demo Day, we had the honor of being the #2 most-buzzed about company, as ranked by Which is pretty sweet. Matt Younkle, co-founder & CEO of Murfie, also gave, if I may say so, a pretty sweet presentation to a room full of investors, press, and tech community members.

Here are some of the cooler factoids Matt shared with the audience:

  • You can think of Murfie as a bank for your music.
  • A Murfie member buys 15 times as many albums as your average music buyer.
  • “Send, Store, Stream” will soon be our new motto (streaming is now in private beta!).
  • Murfie Gold members can get access to beta streaming.
  • We’re working on browser, phone, and tablet streaming!
Pretty cool indeed, huh? In case you weren’t there, in Boston, to witness all the awesomeness, here’s a photo of Matt up on the Demo Day stage, doing his thing…