#FreeFriday: Back to Black

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Now, on to this week’s featured album…

MI0002782746Back to Black (Amy Winehouse, 2006)

Back to Black is one of those “must-have” albums in your music collection. Starting with just a broad overview, it’s an absolute gem in modern R&B, featuring a fun “big band” sound and Amy’s soulful, impressive voice. It’s got a vintage feel, juxtaposed with lyrics that bring up modern ideas.

That’s what makes this album great, in my opinion, is that fact that it can be modern, yet timeless all at once. Amy’s singing voice is impressive, to say the least. She’s got a unique, lower register sound, which I think leads all kinds of people to enjoy this album equally (i.e. both men and women). With that said, I would keep this one away from very young kids, since Amy won’t hesitate to cuss or talk about her struggle with heavy drug addiction.

Sadly, Amy passed away in 2011. That undoubtedly contributed to the vast interest in this album, and it quickly rose to become one of the best selling albums of all time. Back to Black is a snapshot of Amy’s life, riddled with heartbreak, literal highs and lows, yet always calm and hopeful. The songs are catchy, fun, and deep. My favorite is the title track “Back to Black”, and some other great ones are “You Know I’m No Good” (the perfect anthem if you’re a bad-ass chick), “Me & Mr Jones” and “Just Friends”.

Share this post in one of the ways listed above for a chance to win a copy of Back to Black, and I’ll let you know if you’re the winner on Monday! Good luck!

Kayla as Amy Winehouse


A little something extra:
Here’s me as Amy Winehouse last Halloween! Unfortunately, I kept getting a lot of “Hey, Snooki!” since my coat was covering the fake tattoos.


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